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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Old Art OUT- New Show COMING IN

They cut our cornfield down this week. Truckload after truckload, it was carried off to a dairy 3 miles down the road and dumped in a silage pit to be processed into feed. It totally changes the landscape when I step onto my front porch. Day before it was a 17 foot wall of cornstalks totally blocking the view to the north. And now. It's like someone took the curtains down from the window. Scottie, my large outside dog, has been running through the field all day like someone just gave her her own park for a present. I also love that my view changes when I walk outside on my front porch. It's like Someone hangs a new landscape painting for me to view every 2 or 3 months. Next week, my dearest farmer will plant a grain crop and I will have a carpet of Windsor green (blue shade) to contrast the rosy orange in the New Mexico sky and it will have a Fall influence to the composition. Maybe I should send out postcards from FARM WIFE's GALLERY and announce the opening of this new show!

Scottie & Cash in the cornfield in June 2008 Grandsons and Scottie checking the corn


Kimmie said...

How cool is that?!? You must be a person who embraces change and is energized by it! The change of seasons can be like that - but not quite so drastic!

linda said...

that's really a wide open space you live in...the sunsets must be something! how many acres do you farm there?

love the pics of the kids!


"JEANNELLE" said...

Wow! Your corn is harvested already! We will start chopping corn for silage in a couple weeks. It always is amazing how different things look and feel after the tall cornfields are cut down.