Passions of an Odd Chick

Monday, November 29, 2010

Catching Up!

An art card I made this week for my friend.
My heart does swell with gratefulness reflecting on the last two weeks. You know the only reason I would leave my blog peeps is for my close family and friends. I spent one week getting ready for them, a week hosting them, and now I'll spend a few days recovering!

Gus & Cash on the big hay baler

This is what my dining room table looked like most of the holiday because Crazy Consuela (my daughter Joli) was here and she had an order for about 70 caps and we all pitched in to help her accomplish that feat. I got one of my Christmas presents early.

Crazy Consuela Cap for Mom
 Isn't it adorable?? You can have one too if you have a facebook account. Search for Crazy Consuela and become a fan and you can see her latest creations and order with her from PayPal. I'm so proud of her and her business is taking off like gang-busters! INCREDIBLE. I watched her walk into a cute boutique her in Roswell, NM and sell an order of 20 JUST LIKE THAT!

Crazy Consuela Caps ready to ship
Update on my art show at Tinnie's (Day of the Dead) I ended up selling 2 paintings after the show.
This one for $45.00. (she's 5 x 5)

and this one! She sold for $75.00! Which really blows me away (she's like 6x8)!- which makes my daughter mad every time I say it because she thinks I'm de-valuing my art by being so shocked. But really I'm just incredibly grateful that someone sees what I value in these pieces and are willing to pay for it! I learned that the show is only the beginning and not to give up just because you don't sell anything on the day of the show. And I also sold some of my pendants:
Also, good news about my friend, Teresa, who has breast cancer. She learned she has no lymph node involvement!! Yeah! If you want to write her and cheer her on I would be so grateful. Send mail to:
Oasis Of Healing
% Teresa Carey
210 No. Center, Suite 102
Mesa, AZ 85201

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Working On It.....

My creative soul is restless. It can't quite find its way. I'm trying to work on some sketches to finish up my 20 girl portraits. This one has possibilities- maybe a bird in the upper corner of the painting...
I thought you might enjoy seeing one of my girls that I made into a poster print and hung in my eclectic kitchen corner. She makes me smile even if she's mine.

This is a wall in my living room of a watercolor I did of my Sweet Farmer. His back side is as adorable as his front side. :)
This is another pic of some favorite Fall decorations and me trying to get a photograph out of my new fantastic camera and then messin with it at picnik.
I haven't quite got my photographer's shoes to fit but I won't quit until I do.
So today, I'm just enjoying my clean house and waiting for some real focus for my art.
I hope you're having a great Fall. We still have one more cutting of hay and some fields to plant - I am looking forward to some serious down time.
My friend had her first chemo treatment with no sickness, just fatigue - which we counted as a blessing. Thanks for all the well wishes.