Passions of an Odd Chick

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Facing Challenges

This painting did not provide as much joy as previous paintings. I think the times that I intentionally decide to try something harder like clothes, the figure, and hands, that there is a feeling of determined courage as I walk into the new self-imposed challenge. This painting represents all that I face in my own personal life and in my art. I look boldly into the future, and bravely move forward. Though she has no joy evident on her face, hope springs eternal in her heart.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


"Gushing" 24x24 Acrylic on Canvas

I can't stop painting. It is literally gushing out of me. I hope you're not tired of hearing praises about this class because I love the growth and passion I am taking away from it.

Sometimes, there are other artist and classes and books or music that unlock another "number" in your creative spirit that is mysteriously locked inside some of us like a sequence on a combination lock on a treasure chest.

"Seek and you shall find."
"Knock and the door shall be opened."

And you never forget that person or that book that "clicked" another slot to that sacred safe of treasures.
This has been that kind of class for me. It has unlocked and unleashed some heretofore hidden talent that laid dormant in me just waiting for me to find the right moment in time and the right person to coax it out.

And I put my INTENTION out into the world.
There is something to that brave step, I believe.

I have many more "clicks" to go, possibly a life-time of uncovering what God planted inside of me to find and discover and enjoy.
I'm going to do my part in seeking it out because He has proven Himself reliable in providing the abundant treasures along the way.
Tell me about that click for you: a person, book or music.. or pet or whatever....

Friday, July 6, 2012


Strange little painting I know. But they don't call me odd chick for nothing.

Needs a name.

Maybe you can see what I was trying to say and help me. I am going through a shift, a transformation, after stepping out on the ledge. Somehow, I think this painting expresses that.  I'm better with paint than I am with words, and I'm still a budding teen with paint.

Most of you know that I've given myself 10 years, or 10,000 hours to practice my art. I am half way through. I keep telling myself that I'm beginning to see half of what I can do, but I must keep practicing as hard as I have for the last 5 years (I have 11 full art journals now and countless paintings under my bed). I'm sure I will have spent $10,000 or more on my art by the time I'm at 10 years, not counting my foreign travel and trips for inspiration.

But I'm sure that's still less than going to art school for 4 or 5 years!

I am sure I will not have ARRIVED or whatever that means at 10 years but I will be painting exciting, interesting, skill-filled paintings beyond what I can do now.  That's really my priority. Not the sale, not the attention, just the flat-out feeling that I am getting a grasp at something because I really, really wanted it and worked at it. I am blessed with the continued opportunity. The gift really is the opportunity.

I will keep experimenting, taking classes, listening and studying other artists and surrounding myself with inspiring people. I will help others along their way too!

Thank you for following my journey and giving me the privilege of following yours.

Monday, July 2, 2012

GANESH, The Remover of Obstacles

So I'm taking this wonderful class, and no, the teacher is not paying me and I'm not a close friend (although I love her from the videos), but I think when you find a good thing on-line you should share it. It may be just what a new artist needs on their journey. This class has been a very good fit for me.

My daughter wanted an elephant. SO....... I got started but had a very, VERY, hard time with it. One of my fellow classmates (thanks KARIN) suggested I ask the elephant because she stated: "In eastern tradition, the elephant god, Ganesh, is the Remover of Obstacles".

So what the heck? And the elephant talked to me. I said, "You're messy, you know".
The Elephant said, "I know, but so is your daughter's hair and her house. Let me be".
I said, "Elephants are hard to paint, geeeez".
He said, "Then let me just step out of the picture. Quit being afraid of me. I remove obstacles, remember?"

And so I named him, "The Remover of Obstacles" and I hope he gives you courage to remove the obstacles in your life today and makes you smile.
Talking to elephants can be very enlightening!