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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Facing Challenges

This painting did not provide as much joy as previous paintings. I think the times that I intentionally decide to try something harder like clothes, the figure, and hands, that there is a feeling of determined courage as I walk into the new self-imposed challenge. This painting represents all that I face in my own personal life and in my art. I look boldly into the future, and bravely move forward. Though she has no joy evident on her face, hope springs eternal in her heart.

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Bren said...

Determined, that's what I see on her face. This is a stand out piece, love the layers of colour and textures that you are working with. Great new adventure!

Tracy said...

I love the grit with which she looks out to the world, ready to take it on! This is a great piece, Peggy, you undercut yourself here. The colors and texturing are wonderful. There's a spirit of adventure, longing, readiness about this... a kind of standing true in your own ground kind of feeling. I love it! Funnily enjoy just today I was sharing a little sketch at my place that I was shy to share, but have as it goes with the poem & rest of the post. I features a face, and I'm still working on doing faces. I think it helps sometimes to share those works we're shy or not sure about. It gives us courage to keep trying. :o)

Jennifer Richardson said...

i can see the courage
in her face
and in the way she holds herself
and there is hope
and a certain beauty
that defies the hardness
of her present circumstances.
I love this.
And you:)