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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where Are You going From Here?

journal page
I am happily and bravely preparing for my art showing on February 12th.
Thank you, thank you and a million times thank you for commenting on your favorites.
Even though it was varied choices, it truly helped bulk up my confidence considering the fact that
they all had some draw to someone. Had only a certain 5 got all the votes, I would have gotten
very cold feet about adding the others for viewing. I keep telling myself that they
are what they are right now, they are good enough right now and that
I would never trade all the things I have learned about the marketing
aspect. I have invested about $700.00- that doesn't count my time.
I will either lose some money but gain valuable lessons or I will double/triple my monetary
investment. I have put it all out there for you to see because it is my hope that
you won't let your vulnerabilities keep you from
showing your own art. If I can do it, anyone can because I knew nothing
about the process. I'm JUST DOING IT. Yes, I am scared half to death.
But even Georgia O'Keeffe said: "I've been absolutely terrified
every moment of my life... and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing
I wanted to do."
It has been a win/win - anyway you look at it.
If you would like to receive an art postcard for my showing (I know you can't
be there except in spirit)
please email me your mailing address at

Someone asked, "Where do you go from here"?
Well, the above veiled face shows that I'm not through with faces. I want to make them
visually and texturally more interesting. The journal page above represents a copy of the painted piece I did
in the traveling/colloborative journal that is now on its way to Buffy. I can't wait for her talented hands to get a hold of it. (Those of you who have signed up- you'll be hearing from me soon but there is not a big hurry). It will flow.. on its own course.
I also am working on my writing and am taking an on-line course with Stephanie Lee. I have also downloaded books on my Kindle she has recommended regarding writing and art on her side-bar and am working through those.
I am working on organizing my home, my thoughts, my priorities.
I am working on my photography.
I am staying inspired and motivated by YOUR beautiful post of art and writing and photography- by our very connection.
I am RELENTLESS this year. I am going with the flow or swimming against the tide. I'm moving on.
Where are you going?

Sunday, January 23, 2011


 Well, my peeps, I've got it done! I told you I was going to make 20 faces and I have finished. No. 20 is the same size as No. 19 so they could hang as a pair. Only 3 weeks before my show- nothing like waiting until the last minute- but I wanted to make them with my heart and not just my hands and sometimes my heart just wasn't in it. Just knowing that I put the dream out there to make 20 pushed me through it. RELENTLESS- remember is my word for this year! It feels good to have accomplished the goal, and relief.

Now I could really use your help. I have posted all 20 of the faces from "She Speaks For Herself" series and now I would like for you to review them and tell me which 3 are your favs. Your opinion really matters to me and I have made some cards and am curious if I have chosen the right ones.  You can click on the collage to get a better view. Can I just tell you again how much I have appreciated your comments and encouragement!
click to enlarge

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Lots Going On

new writing journal

she decided to
free herself,dance
into the wind,
create a new
fluttered around
in the sky.

Have you ever lost some little treasure that you had tucked back in an old purse or favorite coat and then found it the next season when you got it out? And you didn't even know it was missing? And you were so tickled to have it back?

Well, I found my treasure. It was the little ole spirit of  passionate ME. I got lost somewhere and I knew I was missing something but I was too busy to stop and think about what it was. I'm taking an excellent e-course by Stephanie Lee. It's really breaking me open, again, and getting to the heart of me. It's just what I needed at the time I needed it.

So today, I tried to pause, take in the quiet, reflective time, work in my art journal, write in my new writing journal- think about my unstable ground and my firm, steady accomplishments in the last year.
I wrote about the areas of my life that need improvement and then a thank-you letter to myself and showed my gratitude for what growth I had witnessed. If that sounds weird, just try it. It feels so good.
On the biz front, I made $550.00 toward my Italy fund by selling lotions, candles and chapstiks at the Alfalfa Conference last week, and $50.00 for speaking at an Art Guild. But I will probably spend all that preparing for the show in February.

Nourish Your Mind

I'm working on getting my cards made, my art matted, printed, my postcard invitation for the show. (set February 12th)
But you see this pretty little girl? She's a print of the original on canvas (giclee) that I also painted on and enhanced. I think she turned out rather nicely and hope someone will want her for their own. There are still wimpy voices that tell me otherwise, but I try not to listen.
Lots going on. Glad I'm centering, looking for balance, and finding myself growing again toward the sunlight.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quick Note

Just a quick note to let you know that my grandson is out of the hospital and doing well. He ended up having a terrible kidney infection but is on the mend. A huge thank you to everyone for your kind and generous well-wishes and prayers- there is no doubt that he was held up in love, mended by care, and brought through by divine tenderness.
Also, a note about my friend, Teresa, who has breast cancer. She goes for her second PET scan next week to see if the treatments she has so faithfully adhered to are working to destroy her cancer cells. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
I'll be back soon.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Brave Girl

How I wish I could have made this common sketch into a beautiful painting. It's hard to make beautiful when your heart is heavy.
I wanted this to be a tribute to all those girls who have heavier hearts today but continue to rise up to whatever challenge(s) they face.
Those girls who are hiking mountains without enough rest or food or self-care.
Those girls who take one more step when they think they're done.
Those girls who are running on empty, yet pull one more day of atrocious effort out of their weary hearts.
My daughter has been sitting by a sick child's hospital bed (yes, my dear grandson Cash) for 6 days of high, spiking fevers, IV stick, needle sticks, catheters (he is 5)- waiting for the right antibiotic to kick in.
She broke my heart when she finally broke down and said, "I'm okay.... but sometimes

it's really hard."

there's no way around it.

But you are braver than you think you are, stronger than you imagine.
There is a well-spring of hope and faith and courage and bravery in you that never runs dry. You are fed by a Living Stream.
May you feel those eagles' wings that let you rise above your circumstances and a peace that passes all understanding.
and know that
you are never closer to the Heart of God than you are right now.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dreaming and Follow Through

No. 19   19X24 Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper

Yes, I'm still working on my series- "She Speaks for Herself". You thought I forgot??
I just haven't been able to come up with much. I think it's because my show is in February. YIKES! I set a goal to make 20, but I have a lot of chatter in my little art heart that just won't settle down. I like to dream like a skinny little hyper squirrel, but my follow through is like a big fat hippo - does anybody relate?
I think my new word for 2011 is RELENTLESS.

i may be sorry but I think that it must be my word. i must be more relentless about my dreams, my health, my love, my Lord, and my service.

HEY, i paid for my trip to Italy! I saved about $800 by paying now and i'm going October 16 -28, 2011!! Now that's relentless faith! it cost a total of $3700. Did I make it with my art? Not yet. I do have $1000 in my little art account from selling art, lotions and chapstiks. i have a lot more to go. i have a small show next week-but every little bit counts. i'll keep you updated.

What's your word?