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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dreaming and Follow Through

No. 19   19X24 Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper

Yes, I'm still working on my series- "She Speaks for Herself". You thought I forgot??
I just haven't been able to come up with much. I think it's because my show is in February. YIKES! I set a goal to make 20, but I have a lot of chatter in my little art heart that just won't settle down. I like to dream like a skinny little hyper squirrel, but my follow through is like a big fat hippo - does anybody relate?
I think my new word for 2011 is RELENTLESS.

i may be sorry but I think that it must be my word. i must be more relentless about my dreams, my health, my love, my Lord, and my service.

HEY, i paid for my trip to Italy! I saved about $800 by paying now and i'm going October 16 -28, 2011!! Now that's relentless faith! it cost a total of $3700. Did I make it with my art? Not yet. I do have $1000 in my little art account from selling art, lotions and chapstiks. i have a lot more to go. i have a small show next week-but every little bit counts. i'll keep you updated.

What's your word?


Pagan Sphinx said...

Fantastic that you are going to Italy! It's on my list.

Yes, I can relate. I have so much on my mind all the time; things I want to do and my motivation just can't catch up. Winter is especially difficult for me when it comes to motivation.

I started to do Pilates again. Hope I can keep it up, as it helps a lot with focus.

Nancy said...

You go girl...I am so happy to have made your plans to go to Italy......and the money will come.....I am sure of it....."Where there's a will there's a way"........

Oh can I relate.......I just have too many things I like to do and I sometimes get stuck just trying to decide what I will work on....spin, knit, sew, paint...not enough hours in the day sometimes.....

My word for the new year is adventure in all areas of my will be interesting to see what comes my way.....


Poetic Artist said...

Terrific...Faith... Lots of wonderful color in this piece you posted. Drop by and see me some time.

Kay said...

wonderful art...Italy sounds great!

Bren said...

Oh my word that's fantastic! To have those tickets in hand, the dates set, high motivation.
Relentless just vibrates with life and determination she's stunning. I love hearing that you have some shows lined up, such progress and strides forward are worth celebrating.

Diane said...

Good for you!! And never let money stop your dreams--I'm very excited for you!!

Buffy said...

Thats so good that you saved that much. You should be proud! I love this girl,I'm loving all the colors around her.

Beth Nicholls said...

Oooohhhh Italy, go Peggy! I hope you sell every single painting and pay for your trip! Will you be stopping by England on your way??

Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh how I love that
and it so FITS you!
Like a glove...a funky one:)
My word: wings.
Here's to some fresh ones
for the both of us,

Louise Gale said...

Fabulous! AND you got your dream trip to Italy booked, that is so amazing. Congratulations Bella. xx

Rebecca Anthony said...

I'm so glad you've booked your your trip to Italy!! Now as far as this new piece goes...........WOWZA!! It's seriously spectacular!!

jgr said...

Hi Peggy,
Thanks for following my blog, I'm glad to discover your beautiful art, I especially like your portraits! Congrats on your Italy trip, too that's GREAT.