Passions of an Odd Chick

Monday, January 10, 2011

Brave Girl

How I wish I could have made this common sketch into a beautiful painting. It's hard to make beautiful when your heart is heavy.
I wanted this to be a tribute to all those girls who have heavier hearts today but continue to rise up to whatever challenge(s) they face.
Those girls who are hiking mountains without enough rest or food or self-care.
Those girls who take one more step when they think they're done.
Those girls who are running on empty, yet pull one more day of atrocious effort out of their weary hearts.
My daughter has been sitting by a sick child's hospital bed (yes, my dear grandson Cash) for 6 days of high, spiking fevers, IV stick, needle sticks, catheters (he is 5)- waiting for the right antibiotic to kick in.
She broke my heart when she finally broke down and said, "I'm okay.... but sometimes

it's really hard."

there's no way around it.

But you are braver than you think you are, stronger than you imagine.
There is a well-spring of hope and faith and courage and bravery in you that never runs dry. You are fed by a Living Stream.
May you feel those eagles' wings that let you rise above your circumstances and a peace that passes all understanding.
and know that
you are never closer to the Heart of God than you are right now.


Gloria said...

I'm so sorry about your g/son and your brave daughter. I will say a prayer for all of you. God Bless You. Beautiful post of your feelings.

Bren said...

Praying for your little guy and his Mom and Grandma. Darn these are the times that take us where we never wanted to go, to discover the deep well of strength that dwells there. God bless and care for all of you...

Nancy said...

Our hearts hurt when our children hurt but she is blessed to have you for a Mom......the encouragement, the love and support is a precious gift and she will never receive one more important......

My prayers are with you and your family and I pray healing for your precious grandson.....

Hugs and blessings

Carolyn said...

I'm praying for all of you! There is power in prayer!

Kelly Warren said...

oh goodness. sending hugs and prayers for all of you. having spent three weeks in the hospital with my little ones when they were born, i fully understand the helplessness that comes with that.

Poetic Artist said...

My prayers to your grandson and your daughter. Also for you my friend. May God's hand touch you all.

cottonpicker said...

We're praying for the little fellar on our end.....keep us posted - It is really hard to be a parent and a grandparent....we just love our kids so very much! Keep us posted!

Kay said...

wonderful words of wisdom from someone who has experienced life..

simplyred said...

Peggy, my thoughts and prayers are with your daughter and her son. And with you. Hospital stays are tough, but especially when there are children involved who can't possibly understand all that's going on.


Jennifer Richardson said...

Brave girl, indeed.
Oh Lord wrap your loving
arms around them and hold
them close.....let them
feel you nearer than their
own breath.
And breathe into that little trooper...put things right in
his body and soothe his soul.
Grace and Peace to you all,
(please love on grandma in a big
way, too, while you're at
it, Lord)

Beth Nicholls said...

What a lovely tribute dear girl. Sending get well hugs to your grandsonXx

Buffy said...

Saying prayers for your daughter and grandson. I know what you're going through,my daughter had a premie baby and he was doing great and then developed stomach problems and we almost lost him. As a mom to watch your daughter go through something like that is terrible,i wanted to hug her and just tell her its gonna be alright but we didnt know. That was the hardest part for me. Knowing people were praying helped us get through it.