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Sunday, January 23, 2011


 Well, my peeps, I've got it done! I told you I was going to make 20 faces and I have finished. No. 20 is the same size as No. 19 so they could hang as a pair. Only 3 weeks before my show- nothing like waiting until the last minute- but I wanted to make them with my heart and not just my hands and sometimes my heart just wasn't in it. Just knowing that I put the dream out there to make 20 pushed me through it. RELENTLESS- remember is my word for this year! It feels good to have accomplished the goal, and relief.

Now I could really use your help. I have posted all 20 of the faces from "She Speaks For Herself" series and now I would like for you to review them and tell me which 3 are your favs. Your opinion really matters to me and I have made some cards and am curious if I have chosen the right ones.  You can click on the collage to get a better view. Can I just tell you again how much I have appreciated your comments and encouragement!
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Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh WOW.....well done you!
I really really like them all
but the LAST ONE.....I flat out
LOVE that one!!!!!
Yes, #19 and #20 are my favs.
I also love # 12 alot.
Oh, so many to choose from.
But yes, I think you saved
the finest wine for last:)
a beautifully written story
that would make a magnificent movie!
Really good stuff, friend.
Applause! Applause!

Andrew Green said...

Excellent work! I really like it.

Good luck!

Shelley said...

We LOVE them all, but the girls and I did choose the three we liked the best~ They were shouting out numbers behind my back and we finally settled on 2,17 and 20! Great Job :)

simplyred said...

Congratulations! It has to feel good to have accomplished your goal. And a very ambitious goal, too! My favorites are 1, 5 and 12.


Nancy said...

Congratulahtions. You have finished your girls.....I am so proud of you.....

It's so hard to choose but my favorites are 4 5 and 8 also love the last two......

Would you email me the particulars of the print of no. 8 ...

Hugs to you

Poetic Artist said...

You did it..I wish I could get on my magic dragonfly and enjoy your show..My fav's or 9,10,11...
So what is next? LOL.

Steve Emery said...

9, 10, and 19 are my favorites today... The problem is that I also love 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 16, and 18. So this was tough.

19 and 20 show a step forward, I think, with the larger scale and the additional detail. I'm glad you've stayed painterly with these.

Good luck with the show! Exciting and scary and wonderful.

Kre8ive Life said...

Congrats. 'Relentless'ly pursuing your dreams is such a brave and couragous thing. I love that you have finished them all. There great. My favs are 19#- she's gorgeous, her pink hair is cheeky and adventurous. She is making her suroundings that much more beautiful, 10# she's fiesty, gutsy and has funky. 5# her eyes are piecing and can look straight into your soul. Their great! I hope your show is just amazing.

Buffy said...

Hooray! You did it! Congrats.To pick three is hard but I pick #9 #15 and #19 but I also wanted to pick #8 and #20. Love them all.Hope this helps!

Bren said...

Congrats! It's been so great following you as you created these amazing women. To choose just three well that's killer! I think you're going to find it widely varied when it comes to choosing fags. #1, 19 & 20 with 5 & 12 in hot pursuit.

Diane said...

Okay, I keep going back and looking, but I'll say 1, 8, and 9 (love her attitude)!!

chrissy said...

i am OFF to AMAZE me sweet REALLY REALLY do!

Beth Nicholls said...

Wow wow wow. You did it! What an awesome achievement! My faves are 7, 10 and 20, but I love them all. Your exhibition will be fantastic. Can't wait to hear all about it
Huge respect to you for your perseverance (and what talent shines through!)

Kay said...

wonderful series..they look great all together

Rebecca Anthony said...

Wow, you have to be so proud of yourself!! Look at these as a collection, they are fabulous!! Each one on it's own is fabulous!! Remarkable work, I love them all!

Louise Gale said...

WOOHOO! What an amazing finish. I am so excited to have followed this journey of yours my lovely. My favourites are #4, #8, #15. They are all wonderful and will look stunning in your exhibition. HUGE Congratulations. xx

linda said...

8,9 and the last one, not that it matters but if it does, there you go and go YOU, you have done amazing things since we met a couple of years ago...keep it up, you will go far, as far as you want to go. ;)