Passions of an Odd Chick

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Working On It.....

My creative soul is restless. It can't quite find its way. I'm trying to work on some sketches to finish up my 20 girl portraits. This one has possibilities- maybe a bird in the upper corner of the painting...
I thought you might enjoy seeing one of my girls that I made into a poster print and hung in my eclectic kitchen corner. She makes me smile even if she's mine.

This is a wall in my living room of a watercolor I did of my Sweet Farmer. His back side is as adorable as his front side. :)
This is another pic of some favorite Fall decorations and me trying to get a photograph out of my new fantastic camera and then messin with it at picnik.
I haven't quite got my photographer's shoes to fit but I won't quit until I do.
So today, I'm just enjoying my clean house and waiting for some real focus for my art.
I hope you're having a great Fall. We still have one more cutting of hay and some fields to plant - I am looking forward to some serious down time.
My friend had her first chemo treatment with no sickness, just fatigue - which we counted as a blessing. Thanks for all the well wishes.


Jennifer Richardson said...

Can SO relate to seeing some
down time like a light at the end
of the tunnel.
Soon it will be sweet January
by the fire with my paints and pens
tumbling onto the table
like happy puppies.
Love the peeks into your artsy home
...and don't worry about those
photographer's shoes.
Barefoot looks awesome on you:)

Carolyn said...

Me too just waiting for those days when I don't rise early and stay up late with projects. But I suppose it's better than the alternative...nothing to do, no one to do it with and no one to do it for! Love the windows into your beautiful home...your paintings continue to amaze me! I've been trying my hand at sketching...I like doing it. But other projects await. As for the photography...artists don't take photographs, they make them. I expect to see you'll show us them very soon...your artist's photos.

WrightStuff said...

A lovely post sharing your art and bits of your life. You know you could paint that picture without anything else and leave it to the imagination what she is looking at (a bird would be nice too though!!). I adore how you call your hubby Sweet Farmer - I feel the love between you and that's really special.

Bren said...

Girl, your new sketch has far more than just possibilities, she is wonderful, I love that wistful expression on her face. And your girl looks fab on your kitchen wall, well you should smile when you see her she's great. Can I just say the one of your dear man is great, love the way he's just lingering there in the archway and your way and choices of colours is extraordinary. So good to see/hear what you've been up to, may your down time come soon it's well deserved!

Diane said...

I would love to spend a day with you in your home!

Buffy said...

I love seeing your art hanging up,it looks so good. I need to start hanging mine up. That girl would make me smile too. I just love her hair. Loving the new girl too. Can't wait to see her finished.

Nancy said...

Your relationship with your "farmer" comes through every time you talk about him...So precious........

Your sketch is wonderful and I can't wait to see how you finish her.....She has such a pondering look on her face....

So glad you are going to get some down time soon....Enjoy

simplyred said...

So good to see you back blogging! I've missed you.

Your sketch is great but I really, really, really like your painting of Sweet Farmer.

Keep trying on the photography. If the photos in this post are an example, then you're doing wonderful as a photographer also.


Poetic Artist said...

You may get 2 comments from me..I keep getting a error..So be it, I like your sketch. It was also nice to take a look into your home..Love the piece you did of your sweet farmer.
I hope you get your down time soon and then where ever you look I hope you find inspiration.

Beth Nicholls said...

Love the picture of sweet farmer, you are such an adorable pair. The girls's face is gorgeous too - I'd love eyelashes like that!

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Love your girl and can't wait to see what she is thinking about.

You have such beautiful talent! I love your creations.