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Friday, October 29, 2010

Good News and Bad News

I have good news and bad news.
The good news is Colorado was spectacular. We were in lower southern Colorado and the views would give you goosebumps. I am going to use florescent paints  in landscapes to make them more realistic.
The good news is our friends had a beautiful and sweet wedding and we shared in all the goodness!
IF YOU ever have a chance you should definitely consider staying at Arbor House Inn in South Fork, Colorado. I have never stayed in a place where every guest had a perfect room, perfect food and not one single complaint. Laurie and Keith are fantastic hosts with very high standards and an exquisite eye for details and it's not expensive compared to the quality you receive!
The other good news is Sweet Farmer gave me a Canon Rebel SLR T1i EOS 500d!!   LOVING IT!!
The bad news is:
It did not instantly make me a better photographer!
That I lost some pics because I didn't know how to transfer them! UGH!

The other bad news is that they held the Day of Dead day at Tinnie's (while I was gone) where my paintings were shown on one wall and I only sold 3 of the little pendants, and NO paintings. There were 10 artists, and only 2 sold two small pottery items - no paintings! Lots of people came to socialize and eat gourmet chili- but no one was buying. That's really discouraging to me. But I know it's part of the ups and downs as an art journeyman.

The worst of the bad news is that one of my best friends has breast cancer and she leaves tomorrow for Arizona to begin treatments at a wellness center that promotes natural healing and a raw diet, with low dosage chemotherapy. She'll be gone 6 weeks. But I know she will be in good hands.

I'm needing some inspiration from my friends so I'll be visiting your blogs often and soon.


Kimmie said...

The good is truly good ..... The bad is truly bad ... And hoping your friend has good news in 6 weeks. And the art show bit .... Never give up! Half the battle is just getting back out there .... You go girl! Your stuff is GOOD!

Bren said...

Well the wedding and the inn and the beautiful surrounds are amazing, glad you had a great time. And that's a great camera you've been gifted with.
It sounds like the venue gave you great exposure but the intent was not art focused so no one came ready to buy. Good thing, lots of people have now seen your art so it's getting the word out now to find the people and the moment when they want to buy art, Xmas is coming :-)

Pagan Sphinx said...

What a sweet looking place to be married and that orange in the leaves is amazing.

Thanks for your visits recently. I hope all will be well with your friend.


Poetic Artist said...

Let's start with the bad and we pray for healing for your friend.
Then we have faith.
Not selling your art is not bad news. It just makes us more determined and your art is wonderful. It just was not the time. Your time will come my sisterfriend.
Good news, beautiful wedding. New journey for the couple.
Love the photo and glad you enjoyed the trip.. Good luck with th camera.

Buffy said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. Hope everything goes well for her. And don't get discourged about the art show! At least you're in a gallery and you sold alittle something. Keep going,don't give up!

Louise Gale said...

Honey, you will be an amazing photogrpaher in notime! I have the rebel and i LOVE IT. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend...sending lots of positive vibes for her speedy recovery. What a shame about not selling a huge amount at the event... keep going though as its just one of the downs and there are lots of ups to look forward to. Have a fab Halloween weekend. xx

Jennifer Richardson said...

You've such a great eye
that it will teach your hands quickly.
And your paintings will find
their way
into the right hands
at the right time.
They know the way.....
And, oh I hate cancer.
May your friend's body reject
it as surely as the good gobbles
up and outweighs the bad.

Steve Emery said...

Selling paintings... It's like rolling dice. Some days everything clicks and you have the right thing in the right place and the right people walk in, ready to buy. And other times you just get chili-eaters. Hang in there - and keep putting those paintings up in different places. And, mostly, see what comes next from your brushes and paints.

chrissy said...

good and bad news is what life is made of isn.t it.
please remember that i LIVE in arizona and would love nothing more than to surprise your dear friend with some "in person" love....if you think it might brighten her day sometime.

Beth Nicholls said...

That's a lot of news and a mixture of blessings. Just think, there are now three more people walking the earth wearing your gorgeous pendants. Sorry to hear about your friend - hope she makes a speedy recovery
Can't wait to see your first photos with your new camera

Bren said...

Hey there girl, it's been awhile since you've posted, hope all is well in your creative haven