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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Different Kind of Survivor

Warrior I
This is a little different, huh?
But last night as I was drawing in my journal I was thinking of men I knew that looked so traditional on the outside, but I wondered what their souls' portrait looked like? They have survived emotional and physical abuse, alone, because it wasn't cool to cry or tell. They carry the wounds and the pain alone. They are fighting for their lives from drugs or alcohol that they use to self-medicate. These hardships haven't made them mean, but wise and kind. They may have a haunted look in their eyes, but it is hard-earned wisdom if you look deep enough. They are rebels, but they are good men, with ravaged hearts and minds, but a spirit that fights to survive.

Everyone knows one of these men. Just because their outside looks like they don't need anyone - look closely. Let them know that they are warriors, heroes, and that you are glad they have survived, and that you will listen if they ever want to tell their story.

Do you know this warrior?


Beth Nicholls said...

Wow, really different but still very clearly from you. Makes you really look into his eyes. You reminded me of the glassblowers I met in Murano, an island near Venice, where big burly men turn out the most exquisite tiny glass treasures, a juxtaposition of masculinity and gently beauty

Emelie said...

That really is a great face, a great mouth, and quite different.
I like the expression a lot. I read what you said about how one just sometimes has lost what they think they have, seems like mind things get in the way for me. I can be overstumulated or under the right feeling is hard to keep.

You had a lot of pretty things to see and interesting art to view.
So glad I came by.

Andrew Green said...

You just described me!

Love the art work, though. Thanks for sharing it.

Nancy said...

I think we all do....great job....really made me think on this one.....

Poetic Artist said...

No, I do not know this one but with a mouth like that and eyes so full of passion..I would like to..He is wonderful.....Where did he come from...Talent you have and a special heart..

simplyred said...

Yes, I know him. He's my brother, a Vietam veteran and a cancer survivor.


Buffy said...

I love the story behind him,I never thought of that before and it is so true. Great piece!

Bren said...

Well said and well done, love the strength in his face, the sadness in his eyes. very expressive.

WrightStuff said...

Oh yes, there's real story in that face.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I know him.
And I love his story.
Thanks for giving
him expression.

Steve Emery said...

This is a beautiful, masculine piece. I love the shadows on his face, particularly the ones on his neck and under his chin. And best of all is how this is on the page - the angle, the way it fills the space... Another thing that makes this work so well, to me, is the energy in his hair compared to his calm face. Exterior / interior.

Ansota said...

A very deep post and one I relate to because I have often had the exact same thoughts.

People where masks and we judge so quickly on that which the eye can see but it's only the outside.

How many of us take the trouble to look through the outside shell and into the soul. Most of the time it's the people who 'appears' to be rough and hard on the outside who we can learn the most from because they are the ones who have seen it all, the ones who have suffered and who knows pain.

The people who judge those are often the ones who haven't seen or experience the dark side of life.

Love the drawing you did with this post.