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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whadda heck?

No, this is not one of my Day of the Dead pieces, this is a disgruntled turkey at the county fair.
Sweet Farmer wanted a date with his wife and since I'm that lucky girl, we took yesterday morning off and headed to the county fair right up the road. Yes, it is just as idyllic as you can picture it.
There are booths of cheap toys, greasy food smells, rickety rides, animal moos and ducks honking. Unique characters with tattoos and earrings chanting their sales pitch for simple but challenging games with cheesy rewards.  Really. I am not kiddin you.
And we love it. Sweet Farmer totally gets into what he calls "carni-food". It is guilt free eating for a day of artery challenging, comfort food.
We hold hands and check out all the local 4-H booths, extension clubs,  and children's art (one of my favorites).
We see old friends and little kids we love to watch, and try to buy them sweet lemonade and funnel cakes.
Sweet Farmer takes an old engine down every year. And this I totally don't get. People, especially old men and little boys will stand around this thing for hours and watch it go round and round and pop and ding and ring likes it's the biggest deal in the world. It's crazy. Try as I might, I have never figured out the fascination of it.
Every year they call him to bring it down and every year we cart it up there for smiles.

Sweet Farmer found some friends of ours and he just had to take them to the craft barn where I had entered some paintings that won some blue ribbons. They weren't nearly impressed as he was and it was a little embarrassing but so sweet to see him try to talk them into some mutual enthusiasm. Not everyone likes their goats yellow for pete's sake, darlin.
Yellow Goat

Do you love the county fair?


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I think he's beautiful.

Genie Sea said...

That is the most regal looking (yellow) goat I have ever seen! Gorgeous :)

Carolyn said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! And the golden goat should have won first prize! I'm not so fond of our county fair...but it sounds like you had the rose colored glasses on and had a great day! A day like that is good for the soul!

Buffy said...

I love your goat! Sounds like a fun time. Thats so funny about the motor thing. My husband has an old car and brings it to car shows and I get a kick out of the old men that just stand around talking about the car for hours.

Jeanne Nelson said...

Sounds like a lovely date, and what a dear, sweet fella you have in Sweet Farmer. Your blue ribbon winner was well deserving of such an award; wonderful expression, and such yummy colors too.

simplyred said...

I love our county fair and I love your yellow goat! And I love that you won blue ribbons! CONGRATULATIONS!!


Bren said...

sounds like a perfect date night to me, we have fairs like that in our area too. And congrats on taking home a blue ribbon or two for your art. I love the uniqueness of your painting, sounds like you have a huge fan in your hubby :-)
A great time all way round.

linda said...

this is such a sweet post and very you and your sweet farmer...we have the county fair but frankly, the youth gangs have really ruined them so we have missed them for several that fair food--corn dogs used to be my fave and abelskivers, which i now make at christmas...brings back some sweet memories, thank you, darlin xx ♥

linda said...

and i love your goat--he has your look to him :)

Diana said...

Sounds like a nice time. Simple pleasures.