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Saturday, August 9, 2008

A day with my darlin'

I got invited to spend a day with my handsome husband and he took me to a farm auction. YAHOO. I think a couple of other girls and I, were the only females there. I actually felt honored to be invited to this man's cultural event.
Greg had just visited my art show and reception and mingled with that crowd perfectly comfortable -so in a way - this was his art show and he was looking at art to buy, and it was my time to mingle. It's not really that different when you think about it.
My hunky farm boy wanted to buy a certain piece of equipment but we found out it would be hours before it was up for bid so I entertained myself with my camera.

I got interested in the posture and poses of these old farmers. The hard work and labor shows in their faces, bodies and stances: stooped shoulders, bent backs, bowed legs, missing fingers and arms, burnt wrinkled skin.

I sat down by this old fellow and he offered his story. Did you know he's a newlywed?
And no one stands quite like a farmer except maybe an old rancher who has been horseback most of his life.

I got itchy to get my sketch book out, but hubby came and took me to lunch.
He didn't get the piece of equipment he wanted but we had a fun day together. This time of year, while the farm is busy, you value any time you have together as a couple. I'm lucky to have all kinds of side entertainment when the men meet to cuss and discuss the latest news.
And I'm happy that I can go from high heels at an art reception to cowboy boots and he can go from his dressy boots to his John Deere work boots all in the same weekend. Me thinks we make an odd, but good pair.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Hanging with the hubby is just the best, isn't it? I love running errands with mine.

I would love to see you do some farmer sketches or paintings!

simplyred said...

Me thinks you make a good pair. Nothing odd about it, a really good pair. And how wonderful it is that he "invited" you to join him. Now THAT is a true compliment - that your "hunky farm boy" wanted you to hang out with him. Ain't love grand!!

Gypsy Gold Studio

linda said...

hey, I was wondering where you have been! Did you know I am married to a rancher too? and that picture of all the guys standing and shooting the breeze(bull) is so perfect, they all look like hubby is missing one half of one finger, has a permanent limp and sun burned nose...gave up horseback long ago because of his back but still loves looking at the cows and talks about moving to SD, where it isn't so crowded! Sorry, darlin' but you married a city girl, is what I tell him when that subject comes up. :)


Steve Emery said...

I loved seeing all those guys in blue jeans. REAL blue jeans. No nonsense men, no nonsense stance, but plenty of nonsense and fun in the talk, I bet. Looks like a great place to be. My white collar job doesn't give me too many opportunities to mix with people who are closer to the practical realities of the earth. I miss it.

But I'd be off on some weird mental flight of fancy in fifteen minutes, and they'd be looking at my like I fell out of the sky... So I'm probably in the right place.