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Friday, August 22, 2008

Praying Things

I like praying things. I think I've mentioned that before- like monks, sunflower heads, swans, and this praying mantis. It's a symbol that comes up over and over in my art. I think because a bowed head is such a humble posture- like you really know you don't have all the answers - that somehow you must look to the One who created you and it is in that connection that answers are found.

This is a large watercolor (and colored pencil) I did earlier this summer. He needs something more to be finished but for the life of me I can't figure it out. I would love comments from my artists friends, and my non-painting friends (because you guys sometimes think outside the box). And plus, it's just fun for me to hear ideas from all over the world and I might get to see your creative endeavors in exchange. And I might be able to finish "Mr. Mantis Praying".


a mouthy irish-catholic woman said...

your initials in the corner :)

it is beautiful and i can't stop looking at it!

and you know what? my sister gave me two of those beautiful notebooks and i am going to use the other one as you suggested! thanks for the idea!

have a great weekend!!!!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

This piece is just gorgeous! I think you are THERE, someday is here.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love it too. I really, really enjoy the way you use color. Sorry, but I can't think of anything it needs.

odd chick said...

Hey mouthy (love your name btw)
and robin (already famous)and ruth:
your comments MEAN SO MUCH to me-that it had any kind of affect- really means something to someone who is struggling to trust each brush stroke. I shouldn't be that insecure. I hope I paint long enough to get really snobby about it. :) :)

Steve Emery said...

Odd Chick,

I also thought it was done... I love the way the praying mantis is sort of carved out of the deeper colors and patterns behind him, with the whiting out around him. Like he's camouflaged.

I wonder if the reason you feel it's incomplete has to do with the whitened areas. Are they too white for you? Too uniform? Do you feel you should do a little something more with them, hopefully without doing anything to lose the mantis guy's clarity? That's all I could think of AFTER I read that it felt unfinished to you.

linda said...

I am thinking it's done too although I am fairly certain it might be that white you are not quite OK with? Just a guess and knowing how you love color.

I however think it's looking very done and very wonderful...I too love these strange little(or BIG) bugs, although they freak me out when I run into them unexpectantly....such a wuss, that's me.


Karin said...

I think your praying mantis is perfection - the way it's there and yet subtly isn't and then it's back again has the quality of how they can be in nature - in my experience. Elusive, beautiful, and somehow mystical...
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Here's to you, your passion, your art!

odd chick said...

Linda & Steve,
I would have been disappointed had you not commented so thank you for taking the time. I'm beginning to trust my instincts as I had left the white thinking that I always paint with mid-tones, (which actually worked for this painting)but the white bothered me. Even before you commented I muted the white and darkened the darks. I think it needs some tendrils coming from the leaves on top, but I'm scared. So I may practice tendrils. thanks friends.

Kimmie said...

I love this piece! But I also love what you wrote about your feelings on prayer - maybe you could intertwine your beautiful words with the image somehow .... just a thought