Passions of an Odd Chick

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I haven't been able to sketch anything lately. Everything I try to do comes out looking like crap. So I decided to go with it. Graffiti. If I could spray paint big angry words on the side of a train today I would because that's the way I feel. Pissed off. Searing hurt. Unheard.

This crap looks like my junior high book covers but you get my point.

Okay, I'm not sure I feel any better. But now I've dumped my trash in your blog yard-visit, thank goodness I didn't paint it on your fence. (truly, forgive me for being a little piss ant).

Graffiti can be interesting stuff - at least in other parts of the world, and not on your property. I couldn't find my Africa pictures that I took of their graffiti, but graffiti in Swahili is very wild and speaks of wanting peace and unity. They really do have a lot of crap to be angry about. (I know I've used the word crap a lot, but my other angry words would reeeally offend and it goes along with my immaturity at the moment)

Graffiti in Greece -it was everywhere and since I don't have to clean it up or own any property over there I can say it had a certain class. Anything written in Greek .. it reminded me of fraternity houses.

Do you have any graffiti handy? Send me some, send me there.
It's really helping me feel better. I feel heard already.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I really hate going through periods where all my artistic attempts come out looking like crap. It's hard to believe that you'll get out of the funk, but looking from the outside, I feel confident that you will. You know, I had to take educational psychology in college (I was getting a teacher's certificate), and they taught us that it's normal to regress a little just before you make improvement when you're learning something. That's probably all that you're experiencing now, the one step back before you take two or three steps forward.

Kimmie said...

Well I heard Michael Phelps talk about how getting trash talked from competitors and getting mad about it helps him win his races .... that's doing something productive with your anger. Your graffiti page reminded me of that - at least you didn't haul off and slug someone or run away. I've heard of "fight or flight" - how about "fight or flight or paint." You did good here. Not crap :)

Anonymous said...

Finally getting a chance to check in on your blog. I know the frustration of wanting, needing to put something on paper and it just doesn't come through...but then all attempts are forward motion. Love the blog, hope to visit more often. Sure enjoyed Cloudcroft and having to opportunity to meet you. Hope we will meet up again.
Ellen Everett (Shelley 'Hale Household' mom)

Teri C said...

Actually, I love your top one-it is full of color and movement-it's great! I do these once in awhile, they are called zentangles. Isn't it nice to put a name on it?! :)

a mouthy irish-catholic woman said...

there is more room out than in. i say grafitti is a healthy thing. ride it out rainbow'll feel much better.