Passions of an Odd Chick

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hundertwasser Houses

Back to my sketchbook.. and btw.. thanks to everyone who helped me with the last painting.
This goofy little sketch was inspired by HUNDERTWASSER . Someone brought one of his books to an art class and I got about 50 seconds to look at it as it was passed down a line, and that was all it took. Those images stuck in my mind. His fantastic paintings made me want houses made with color, and then I drew a town of circles and symbols, trying to capture even a small blot of the memory left to me by the book.
And I'm listening to Schulz & Peanuts, a biography by David Michaelis, on my IPOD so Snoopy had to show up. I love this story, how Sparky was a sketch artist who went on to make millions!
And then the goofy little doodle on the left came from a new book, Keys to Drawing With Imagination. So this sketch represents an onion skin layer of my busy mind, I suppose. This was one of those sketches where my mind is really too tired to create, it just had to dump what was whirling around.
I hope I don't bore my non-painting friends. I visit blogs to learn new things and that's why I enjoy writer's blogs, ranch girl's blogs, photography, etc. This blogging world is like a big talking encyclopedia to me. I hope my blog can inspire you to paint if you have any inclination, but more than that - to learn and grow and find interesting things to marinate within your head and enrich your life. You all have certainly inspired me, that's for certain.


Shelley said...

How amazing... to just paint all that is on your mind! Right now I only have little girls and housework on my mind. Guess that is just me "season!" Have a great day. And keep sharing your work!

linda said...

love your little sketch and H. seems to be showing up alot in my life lately so I just bought the 2009 art calendar and a book on his paintings. Lovely...having comp. problems lately so have had to be quiet, sigh....


Kimmie said...

I love that you've got Snoopy in there .... he gets to have all the fun .... the secret life and adventures of Snoopy. The shapes and symbols and colors are beautiful. I don't know who Hundertwasser is - so thanks for the intro :)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love the playfulness. I need to play more in my writing, I think.

Steve Emery said...

Odd Chick - I like this sketch - so spontaneous.

I also love Hundertwasser. I found a book on him on a business trip to Nashville, and I stashed it in my art table storage for six months, like a dragon with a hoard. I loved the idea that it was there, waiting for me. Then I opened it, finally, in the early winter last year. It's a gorgeous edition, with a great many reproductions of his paintings. I ate them before bed, limiting myself to two pages a night, for the entire winter. I went to sleep dreaming his colors and shapes and his strange gentle world. I can understand why 30 seconds with a book of his work would inspire a sketch. There's no one like him.

Anetka said...

First of all, I absolutely LOVE "Purses Seller" - what an amazing colours you have used!!!

I admire your joy, energy and play in the current sketch.

Beautiful, Great Work:)