Passions of an Odd Chick

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MY Top TWELVE list


1. That Papa Greg really is as interesting as I think he is.

2. That you can wear mixed-match socks all day and no one notices until bath-time.

3. That there is no shame in running around the house naked.

4. That a couple of lemon slices and some weird faces can crack up a whole table of adults, including the waitress.

5. That if you are less than 3 ft tall, you can expose yourself at the park, even if you walk out behind the tree with your pants around your ankles in front of the park superintendent.

6. That you can round up ducks like a border collie and they will forget and forgive as soon as you pull your french fries out of the bag.

7. That you can be having so much fun that you can't even stop to pee.

8. That moving equipment from one farm to another never gets boring.

9. That a can of foaming soap is the best way to get your face clean, and then if you turn the jets on the hot tub, the rest of your body (and bathtub enclosure) will be covered in foaming soap bubbles.

10. That if you get up reeaaaly early and run all day, and ride your bike to the end of the road several times, that after a bath and a glass of milk, you can be out in 2.2 seconds for the night.

11. That Wiii baseball is a really good sport to play at 6:00 in the morning when no one else is in the mood for sports.

12. That when a 3 year old says an open-eyed prayer and ask God to take care of you and Papa Greg, that you realize, He already has.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Good lessons for us all.

And look at those sleeping faces. Now I know why cherubs are always painted to look like children.

Gouri said...

Your blog is so artistic & so sensitive... especially point 12... really touching!

My family & travel - my 'best'est things... I'm glad U felt like U had travelled with me!

simplyred said...

I love, love, love this post. It is truly wonderful. It's so great that you can find so much enjoyment in your grandchildren. Yes, God has blessed you and it's good to know that you are aware of it.


Anetka said...

we stop all of these "unimportant", "silly", "small" things and then we wonder where is this enjoyment of life gone?!
We grow up and we think we know you said - you learn from your grandchildren and you gain joy back again:)

thank you for a good lesson:)

linda said...

what a wonderful post and #12 the best of all!

how blessed you are!


cottonpicker said...

I truly believe you have to be a grandma to appreciate all these twelve and then some!! You appreciate things as a grandparent that you can't see as a parent....probably cause you're chasing two others. Great post and last several - I've had to play catch up!! It's fun to see pictures of those you love!