Passions of an Odd Chick

Monday, September 1, 2008

Races in the Rain

My husband and I went to the last races of the season at Ruidoso Downs. Though neither one of us enjoy gambling that much, we do like to watch the horses run. For me, the image of a horse straining with every fiber of his being to beat the horse in front of him is probably one of my most top favorite images of all times. However, I focused on the jockey this time. I have long put off drawing horses, in respect for my son-in-law who is a horseman and an artist, and my late grandfather. They would hate for me to draw a bad horse. A horse is just too beautiful to mess up.

I'm just glad to have gotten a half-way descent quick sketch of the day. My confidence has been lagging as of late, but nothing like the jockeys and horses must have felt as they ran around a wet and sloppy track in the rain. Van Gogh would say if voices tell you that you cannot paint, well then -paint, and silence the voices. Working through the fear and taking risk - I can't think of any other way to win the race.


"JEANNELLE" said...

Oh, I love the thought in that Van Gogh quote you mentioned! Yes, just keep on doing what you love.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

That is a brilliant quotation.

I like the jockey. It makes me think of Degas . . . and also of Dick Francis mysteries, which hold a special place in my heart because I inherited the whole set (up till 2000) from my late brother.

As always, I love your colors. ptttpqtr

Kimmie said...

I love your use of color .... besides the voices that say "you can't" have their own issues with can and can't ... and besides, what have they accomplished lately? Nothing colorful I'm sure!

linda said...

very cool jockey, odd chick! and of course, love the van Gogh quote...and ain't it the truth?