Passions of an Odd Chick

Friday, September 26, 2008

May I present my audience..

These darlings were on the left of me as I raked hay. I got out and shot about 50 reference photos so that I can paint some goats! They reminded me of the giraffes in Africa, they just kept looking at me and making me wonder what they were thinking.

I've enjoyed working the hay this year. I've told a lot of people and events "no" this summer so I could tell Greg "yes" if he needed me. Not only do I want him to see in my choices that he comes first, but I also know that our teamwork builds financial success and comforts for the both of us. I still get to play a lot - like on my right was a pen of dairy cows. I kept getting out and taking their picture too. They are very curious creatures and eventually walked right up and snorted on my camera to see what it was. I love how they collectively, walked closer and closer, only brave because they had the mob mentality. Like civil war soldiers who walked shoulder to shoulder to face their enemy. Except these guys weren't scared of me AT ALL.

They just had to see what I had in my hands. I'll give you 3 guesses about what I'll be sketching next. I got my hay raked before it was dry but I had a little fun with the animals too.

I wanted to show you the nose on my camera but blogspot says I can't download anymore. Just picture two wet, pink nostrils with slobber all around and you will get the idea. I was slimed in the end.

Farm life is a hoot.


Karin said...

I just love the way that you engage with your environment, and then describe it to us. Your "artist's eye" is forever taking everything in with a keen sensibility. You make me feel like I'm right there with you, raking and trying not to laugh at the cows slow progress, lest I scare them from sliming range! and the goats - I see the giraffe qualities about them now, and never would have thought about that without your observation.
Thanks for bringing your farm life into mine.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

I can't wait to see your artwork from these inspirational subjects.

Your post to me regarding my artwork is making my heart glow. Thank you!

Paula Villanova said...

These guys were pretty good subjects for your photographs. They will also be great painting subjects. Have fun with them!

Cindy Dean said...

I just love animals. They are all so curious. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Only a few more days till Art & Soul and then...I will be posting alot when I get back!

linda said...

love the animals, especially the goats - don't have any of those around here but plenty of cows,which I took pics of last night as they meandered around looking at me, like I was a space alien!

have fun painting...I painted a deer last night I had taken a pic of and think I will make a big colorful fantasy one. great minds think alike, no?


Mark Kwasny said...

I'm so happy for you! I may a business call to a family that was out in the "sticks" and could feel about 100 pounds drip off of me. I miss the more rural, "real" living.