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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sacred Communication

This was a drawing exercise that I had to do for an art class last spring. It's a collage of various art pieces and photographs clipped from books and magazines and then I drew it with charcoal. If you visit my blog very often, you know the bowed head shows up in my art from time to time.

This is one of my Mom's favorites. I miss the color and I'm too lazy to make the pencil really sing with all the dimensions of black and white. But I do love the images. For me, it's a very spiritual piece of things I love like gravestones and moths, smooth stones, cathedral ceilings, plants, stars, moons, and mountains. And an old faithful face (Mother Teresa). And hands. Don't you just love a pair of old hands - except your own, maybe.

We started a new study today on "Prayer". I'm reminded by this old sketch I pulled out, and today's new lesson that I need to participate more in this sacred communication. It's my hope for change and understanding and direction. I would be a lost soul without it.

What keeps you centered?


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

prayer, journaling, worship, my husband, my writing

not necessarily in that order

I love the sketch, especially Mother Teresa

linda said...

meditation, art and love keep me centered, off the top of my head..

this is a beautiful drawing, especially the hands.

Karin said...

my art, my art, my art. When I can't do it, I get a little wonky! The next best things for me include nature - my garden, watching the birds at my feeder, the chipmunks below dancing all over each other as they compete for stray seeds; talks with my sister or friends; or a good book in a quiet corner.

You've captured Mother Teresa beautifully - I recognized her immediately. And yes, I too love old hands. (you did those incredibly well! not easy) I remember as a child hoping my hands looked as "beautiful" as my grandmother's, with all their wrinkles, bulging veins and character! Mine are starting to get there ;^)

Just because said...

"Glad you found me. I'm a girl with a passion - always into something."

Glad I found you too! I could use a little more passion. Passion in drawing, photgraphy, writing. The world needs more passion.

May God strengthen you on the journey and lead you to all truth.