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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stars are God's dreams and thoughts...

Ahh, this didn't translate well from my journal to my blog (too much star dust) but I tried to collage a concept, a quote from Thoreau : "The stars are God's dreams and thoughts remembered in the silence of the night".

This was inspired by some beautiful art that makes me want to look again and again. Check out Beyond Words for a view of fantastic visual journalling, very zen and healing and primitive. Also, Color Sweet Tooth - a man who does gleeful images like Glee2, and frogs, chickens, photographs...delightful, incredible, waterfalls of color and artistic genius. Though there are many other artist I visit, these stand out for me today.

I love a fantasy, abstract image or a primitive edgy image - even though they are both very different, they both provoke something basic in me that I wish I could describe. (she's looking, searching her little mind for the words..) OKAY...It's like those images turn hot brilliant lights on and liven up an area of my brain, like those heat-map MRI or CAT scan images you see in medical journals, or my invisible, electric burner on the stove. Or, maybe like the rush you feel after a good run, or a really good piece of chocolate after depriving yourself of sweets for days. Even though I've never done drugs - I can only describe it as a high or a heightened sixth sense... that I get from unusual, colorful, fantasy images..... oh dear, does that make sense to anyone but me?

ouuuuuuuu, sending that scary question out into the universe......and.........wait a minute............ I just got an answer...

God, the maker of the stars and all wondrous thought, said, "yeah, honey, it does".

So there.


linda said...

well,, darlin', I guess you got your answer :)

Is this similar to the previous card you did? It's very cool..

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I clicked on the photo, and it enlarged, which really helped me appreciate it.

I love how in touch with your subconscious . . . or spirit . . . you are.