Passions of an Odd Chick

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Old Classic

I took a short road trip with an elderly man the other day. He only calls me when he needs something. But that's okay, because I have lots of lessons I want to learn from him before he gets too tired to teach me.

I sketched this old 1939 classic at the shop where we waited.

And this elderly gentleman that waited with me...well he's also a classic. But he feels used up and un-valued. I expect he has never really felt any value in himself, ever. And now, without being able to produce something tangible...he dreads his days and they creep by slowly. He can see nothing but his own bland horizon, or sometimes the past from his rear-view mirror. He reminds me of those old rusted-out junkers that sit far back in some one's pasture.... and you wonder what their story could have been. I really hate that for him.

But, he's teaching me about growing old. And what maintenace and additives I use in these years to keep my engine running in my later ones. I know I won't be shiny and purring someday... like the steady, old red Lincoln I feel right now. I've already lost a lot of lustre. And I will someday lose most of my usefulness. But, if I continue to love others and learn something new everyday, I think there's a chance I could be a well-cared- for-shiny-old- classic sitting in a pretty showroom for all those who knew her, to come by and take a loving look. Yeah, she'll have a story or two. They'll admire her classic shine and remember her Sunday drives and road trips,... and how much fun they had with her, and wonder... if just maybe.... she's not up for one more joy ride.

What kind of classic would you like to be?


simplyred said...

This is just an incredible post. They just get better and better. Odd Chick, you have a beautiful, beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your goodness.


Anetka said...

I just wouldn't like to be a burden to anyone. People as you said are different among themselves, have different plans and ideas for life...I just don't want to be burden, that's all.

Kimmie said...

Cool observations .... I think I would want to be well worn, but well maintained and still considered cute. Maybe like a neat little mini-cooper that just needs a little bit of polish on the chrome :)

linda said...

an old and very well-cared for mercedes convertible, two doubt!

love the green oldie but's the color that I love best!


Anonymous said...