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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Monk Magic

Sometimes picking a sketch for my daily art journal can be a most intriguing experience. It only happens every now and then when I am open to the concept but sometimes I let an image pick me. Like - if I see a repeated image, read of it, hear of it in the same day - then I "feel" I'm suppose to try to draw that image. Something, Someone inspires me....(bear with me to the end of this)

Well, that's how it happened with this monk. I like monks. I have used them before as imagery. But this time, I tried to draw "why" I like monks. They seem prayerful, intense, intriguing, historical, silent, passive, courageous, martyred, - those kind of words are the force behind this sketch.

Much later in the day, (not by coincidence) I'm reading and come across this quote: "Being an artist is like being a monk; you have to be willing to forsake comfort and desire for the greater good of your work"- Jason Robert Bell
This is a watercolor painting I did months ago from my Mary Ann Beckwith's class.
It's not finished. I could sure use some suggestions on how to finish it.
Anyone can use these images. I got them from this site . They encourage you to use these images of Burmese monks to promote freedom for Burma and its people. Though monks normally don't get caught up in politics, the monks in Burma silently and passively marched together with the people to protests their murderous government and many were killed, beaten and tortured because of their involvement.

By the way, do you know why they wear saffron (reddish,orange) robes? Well, there are lots of stories but the main one that always comes up is originally they would go to dumps and scrap piles and gather old rags for their clothing and then dye it in the cheapest dye available which was a deep orange powder (saffron) from the crocus flower.
Anyway, do you believe that you can be "inspired" by Someone? We use the word so casually. But one of the definitions for "inspire"is: to be guided by divine or supernatural inspiration. When we say the writers of the Bible were "inspired" by God, it means literally in Hebrew that their writing was God-breathed. Is it possible that God's breath still permeates in us/around us to do some certain thing? Wouldn't it elevate the things you do if you knew for certain that He was behind the thought or action? Should we be more open to His promptings? Did God nudge/urge me to draw this monk? Does that sound silly or even sacrilegious to you? I would like to believe that He influences me in my actions, even as He leads me in creativity. What do you believe?


linda said...

I love the painting with the that tissue paper in the background?
I think God is within us all ... having the spark of the Divine within us, we are all Creators. We are all artists but most don't realize that. My art is inspired by everything and anything and the magic that color can spin.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh, I definitely believe that God influences and inspires my work as I'm writing. I think he is the source of all creativity. So what you write doesn't seem silly or sacrilegious to me at all.

"JEANNELLE" said...

Oh, I appreciate the fact that you are mindful of coincidences, and you allow them to lead your artwork, which is beautiful and fascinating!

I would agree our mindset should be open to God's promptings, because I believe He does lead and prompt and inspire.

I don't know much about say your monk painting isn't done, but to me it looks as if it could be considered finished.