Passions of an Odd Chick

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OTHERWISE by Jane Kenyan

I got out of bed
on two strong legs.
It might have been otherwise.
I ate cereal, sweet milk,
a ripe flawless peach.
It might have been otherwise.
I took the dog uphill to the birch wood,
All morning I did the work I love.
At noon, I lay down with my mate.
It might have been otherwise.
We ate dinner together at a table
with silver candlesticks.
It might have been otherwise.
I slept in a bed
in a room with paintings on the walls,
and planned another day
just like this day,
But one day, I know
it will be otherwise.


Leslie said...

Oh, wow. What a good reminder to appreciat what we have!

Leslie said...

ooops. Appreciate!!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

That is profoundly moving.

Sandy said...

Wow , what a terrific portrait - I love your blog and glad I found you - Congratulations on your well deserved award and thank you so much for stopping by mine and awarding little old me ;-)

Anetka said...

Simple things that we don't seem to appreciate...
great portrait!:)

Lin said...