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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baby Showers and Art Workshops

Well, I just said good-bye to the last guest. I held a baby shower in my home with 100 people on the guest lists. It was a big job to get ready for, and a big job to carry off but it was so worth it. The young couple was so appreciative and now they can start off with the things they need for their new little boy (due any day). Everyone should have the same beginning - with all the abundance and goodness and family love that they can handle. I painted this giraffe to go in the new nursery as it is safari themed. It was a fun little folk art acrylic and it sends a good message to all who enter there.

I will leave for Cloudcroft for an art workshop with Cathy McNally Lubke. I am very, very excited about this opportunity and will look forward to the break up in the cool mountains. I won't post for a week or so but don't give up on me. I hope to come back with some wonderful new tips and inspiration, along with some nice watercolors.
Thanks to all those who have encouraged me about my juried art piece. It will be judged on August 4th. I don't expect to win anything as the competition is way, way ahead of me in skill and experience. But I'm just happy to have gotten in -that was the goal - just to get one piece in a juried art show. Now, I'll aim for the next step. ...... but first I have to take another workshop... oh yeah, that was the next step.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a generous thing for you to do.

simplyred said...

I have so very much enjoyed catching up with your blog. I've missed being able to visit with my friends via their blogs. And yours is so upbeat and encouraging and beautiful and lots and lots of other wonderful things. Your art is great, and I love reading about your family life. And I love knowing that you really love the things you do, even things that others might think of as work.

Gypsy Gold Studio"

Shelley said...

Its Shelley Hale. I talked to my mom today and she said y'all are in the same watercolor class this week. HOW FUN... Have a blast and check out our blog, too. I will have to keep up with you, too!

"JEANNELLE" said...

Wow, 100 people at your house! Sounds like it was great fun, but alot of work, I'm sure.

Enjoy your time in Cloudcroft....I just love that name. I wish there were somewhere around here that had "cloud" in its name. Probably St. Cloud, MN, is the closest, but its not even close. Have fun!

Kimmie said...

100 people! Wow! You did a beautiful thing :)

I love the giraffe painting ..... that will surely be treasured for many many years!

Have a wonderful break!

linda said...

hey odd chick, did you drop off the earth? I am just dropping by to see if you are around yet.... I am missing you, darlin'!

hoping you post again soon :)