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Thursday, July 17, 2008

That's my watercolour in the Metropolitan Museum!! The frame was not what I suggested but - oh well......

okay... No matter that it's a fake set-up.

Get this!!

I made this funny fake at Dumpr. Go there, it's free, have fun.

Anyway, I thought I'll put this on my vision board and maybe the Law of Attraction will then take my art into the museum.

MY DREAM :I really want to do Fine Art someday and have a museum purchase it. Big DREAM i know, but you gotta dream... (and I have goals, and I'm working steadily creating a volume of work and I just have to live another 50 years and take 1000 art classes!!)

Well, .... drum roll.... no, a museum did not purchase this watercolor. BUT.... for the first time I entered a juried art show and for the first time I was ACCEPTED. Yeah!! ARE YOU YEAHING WITH ME??? Cuz it's a big deal! FIRST TIME STUFF. It's a goal met in this long journey of a dream. 315 standard pieces were presented and only 150 (standard) made it in. And guess where they will hang for the show??? A MUSEUM!! how cool is that??? The name of the painting is "World Traveler" - in case you run across it in the MET. Or you can see it hanging humbly but deep-down-excited at the very fine Roswell Museum And Art Center from August 7-17th.


linda said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! see, I'm yeahing with you! :D

that's so cool! I want to see the painting, do you have a photo of it to put on your blog?

wow, maybe there's hope for me if I ever get my body to align with my mind AND the stars! :)

"JEANNELLE" said...

I've been meaning to post about an artist from northern Iowa who painted all her life and was finally "discovered" at age 91. I hope your dreams come true before that age! I'm sure they will.....keep up the lovely creations!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Congratulations. That is exciting news.

Lisalou said...

That is FANTASTIC! Congratulations! Well deserved and I love the way you think!

Brenda Y said...

WOOHOO - PTL! This is a tremendous "first step" (which is WAY ahead of me!) and I'm so very happy for you!!! Do post on your blog what the outcome is--are the paintings judged, are they sold etc?

Steve Emery said...

Very Cool!!! I'm with Linda - let's see that painting! I'm curious what a painting with that title might look like.

I hope you enjoy seeing it there hanging in good company and in a genuine arty space. I hope it ends up in a nice, prominent spot.