Passions of an Odd Chick

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Funny story... or at least it tickled me. You know how I wanted to sketch a longhorn. Don't ask me why, I just got it stuck in my head. Well, then low and behold, on the very day I'm wishing, I find a longhorn in the Roswell paper, and I sketch his little snooty self. (They always have such a look of superiority, don't they?). Anyway, next day, I have to run to town to Roswell, now mind you, it's 100 degrees, but I can't get that longhorn off my mind so I run by the Roswell zoo (you can see it all in 30 minutes). Now Roswell doesn't have much of a zoo but HEY, we have a ZOO and that makes me happy. I'm happy Mr. Longhorn has just been donated, and I've gotta see him-I'm on a mission. They don't call me odd chick with a passion for nothing.

So the first thing I see is this albino peacock. kinda yucky really.

Well, I ask around and this particular longhorn that I want to sketch is on the other side of this block of a zoo so I hike my way over there. The only way to see Mr. Longhorn is to get on the kiddie train because he lives on the other side of the tracks... so, why not?? It's been a long time since I've ridden a train.


So there he is but I can't sketch him in this darn train so I try to get his picture.

Not good.

But, oh well, it was fun and I DID get to see him, I just didn't get to visually record him as is my preference - because as anyone who sketches knows - it is only when you draw something that you really, really see it.
So I head home, grinning at myself for being such an obsessive little nerd.
And there, 3 miles out of Roswell, toward home, I see this to my left.
OH YEAH, I remember, I have a friend who owns a passel of longhorns, I mean, a herd... and


One ornery bull decides he wants a piece of me and of course, I invited him over and say out loud "bring it on BIG BOY"... (there was a good fence between us-I'm passionate, not crazy) because after all, I wanted his picture, I wanted his smell, I wanted to see every angle of this glorious, raunchy, sophisticated piece of history. He paws the ground and heads at me.

AND then there he WAS... some things you just have to admire, like a 4 star general... or an old prize-fighter. THis guy came to me with the biggest attitude.... and I couldn't do anything but salute him

And it was at that moment I knew. I had a GIFT GIVER. Like a dear old grandfather who takes his favorite little girl to the zoo, the Good Lord had brought me there for this very moment. Just because I wished it.. just because I'm silly... and goofy and love crazy things like longhorns today, and He gets that.. He gets me..which is so wonderful in itself. And I knew He was getting a big ole kick out of me, like I would my own grandchild, while I just was oggling His creature, and taking this longhorn's picture and talking at him like he was my new buddy. And there for a few more minutes, just God and I and Mr. Attitude just sat and thought about each other and how we fit... and how someday, we'll all end up in a green pasture together again enjoying each other forever. Okay...., I'm not sure Mr. Attitude was thinking this... but he did enjoy posing, I know he did because he stuck around for another humpteen hundred pictures.


RanchGirl said...

Aw, thanks for the chuckle! And what a pretty longhorn...or I guess I should say handsome ;)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a cool story. I have often had God accommodate my artistic needs . . . but why shouldn't he understand us? He is the original creator, isn't he.

Steve Emery said...

My dearest and I sometimes call God "The Travel Agent" because he seems to arrange so many things. Just WAY too weird sometimes not to think there is a sense of humor somewhere putting things together for the sheer glee of it.

I LOVE your longhorn pictures (and the story) - they are magnificent! The white and brown patterns on those other three make them look fake - made up too pretty to be real. I imagined them doctored in Photoshop. I know you didn't, but they were just so perfectly beautiful and unexpected. And mister snooty must have been very impressive, kicking up a fuss and dust.

linda said...

we have cattle and that's some set of horns! wouldn't want to get too close to him in the chute...imagine a whole herd to work! No wonder we de-horn them.

anyway, I am not sure what God is doing for me lately but glad he's doing something for you :)

I also enjoyed the pics from your class....did you enjoy it? looks like lots of sky to paint!