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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to Reality

I already miss the
And Thea, my new art buddy.

I'm back from Cloudcroft, New Mexico and my art workshop. It was incredibly cool (60s & 70s), lots of rain, and the workshop was a very practical, extremely helpful week of painting with Cathy Lubke as our instructor.

I would love to share with you some of the beautiful images.
We cleaned the deck this week and coated it with sealer. This is my view when I open the front door of the cabin.

And hubby spends all his time trying to make it better.

This is the countryside and me on a walk.

I can't wait to check up on what I've missed on your blogs. I've missed my computer... sort of... but I spent quality time with new friends, my sweet husband and with nature, and I painted and sketched. Is it art that is changing my view of the world or is my world/life just that spacious and precious, and it makes me want to capture it?

This longhorn is a new beautiful animal recently donated to the Roswell zoo (sad he's in a zoo, I know). I hope to visit him in person as I sketched his picture from the newspaper. I was just wishing for a longhorn to sketch when there he appeared, so conveniently.


linda said...

so glad you have returned to blogworld! looking forward to seeing some of what you painted, learned...

thanks to your suggestion and coaxing, I am starting to keep a watercolor/pencils journal ... got it right next to my bedside so can do it all day long and still be in bed...and not make a huge mess either although I still want a little travel palette.


Anetka said...

You must have had a wanderful time! It's good to do an internet & media fast from time to time as blogging becomes an addiction!
I missed your posts so much!!!! Glad you are back:))

ps. cannot wait to see your sketches as looking at longhorn it will be a real feast:)
ps2. thank you for your comments on my blog:)

"JEANNELLE" said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Cloudcroft! Those cool temps sounc just great.

You wonder if its your art interests or is it your environment, making the most impact. I don't know, but the environs were always there, right? The artistic focus and intent must be the hinge to the whole thing. You'd find beauty anywhere.

The view from your porch is lovely!