Passions of an Odd Chick

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today, I promised myself that if I got my Chapped Chick orders out that I could paint. So, I finished my personalized candy bar wrappers for a wedding and made a batch of chapstik and personalized the labels for a wholesale customer, UPsd them, and then... I finished up some sewing projects, like this pillow..... and then I painted. But it was disappointing, really, didn't turn out anything like I hoped but I keep reminding myself that every piece does not have to be great art (honestly, so far, none has really turned out to be great art) - that it is great practice, that I will never really finish, ka-poot, be done with painting the last perfect painting. Sometimes I have the same impatience with people. I want them to be finished works of art. Not art in progress. I'm reminded that we are all just practicing at being our best selves. ... truly, i'm remedial art in progress, still practicing.


linda said...

I liked your pillow!! and thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog too :) I think your way beyond "remedial" art, btw! :)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I saw a video today that, as a writer, I found really encouraging. I think you might like it too. Go to this blog post and scroll to the bottom to watch the video. It's about five minutes long, but I promise, it's worth it. It's all about the creative process and giving yourself time to learn.

And thanks for visiting my blog today.


P.S. I love your pillow.

Amy said...

hi. thanks for your comment. I love your blog. I was a big art journaler a while ago. It took a bit of a backseat to other things for a while, but I got some inspiration from your blog. Thanks. ~Amy

Susan's Scribbles said...

Love the pillow here. It is gorgeous!