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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Palette Change

Well you can't stay red hot forever. I decided that I would try to sketch these lovely compositions with a cooler palette. I'm not usually a pink girl but there was something about these colors and treats that drew me in and made me want to be prissy like a little girl playing tea party. I do love tea and all things tea! And tea cups and all things sweet - because I need more sweetness in my life, a lot more gentleness. I need softer edges and cooler colors instead of the intensity and boldness my character leans toward naturally. Needless to say, these are not my compositions, or palette - nope, no originality here from me. If you want to see the real artist that inspired me to attempt to sketch these - take a look at this eye-candy . But maybe her sweet pinkness will rub off on me - just a little. They do cool me off a little- but they make me hungry - not good.... not good....

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linda said...

can I just say I LOVE your sense of color? you did a very good job on those pastel paintings however, I still love your passionate reds and blues...I love the sketch of the Massai children and can only imagine that in a painting! I wandered over to the pastry site and now I am starving and don't have any french pastries in the house! Also, did you check out those shoes?