Passions of an Odd Chick

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm almost finished with my first, ever art-journal and I think this is my favorite watercolor sketch. You may have seen my photograph -I didn't get the faces quite right. They were quite a challenge for me.
These are children (Maasai children to be exact)in case you couldn't tell - who were actually rounded up by their teacher to sing me a thank you song for giving them suckers. They may look older because even though they had a pure naivete, they also had an old, wizened look to their faces. Their clothes were just that colorful. Sometimes they just tie up t-shirts and rags to make their ensemble. I think because they live in mud houses on dirt among the bush of Africa their eyes long for color. They live a very simplistic life. These children were happy, playful, and joyful without one toy in sight. They were curious as little kittens and very respectful. I loved the Maasai children. I could have spent all day with them just watching them play with their sticks like the real spears of their fathers. I'm so glad I have a photograph, and now a sketch to remember them. I hope to do a painting of this study someday soon now that I learned backgrounds and back-paintings from Mary Ann Beckwith.


Brenda Y said...

You have captured what you've written! This is absolutely AWESOME and I think not having too much detail on the faces adds to the charm of this piece! I looked and read through several of your blog entries and what a delight it is!! The watercolor workshop sounded heavenly -- I love mountains and it sounds like your trip really refreshed you!

pompatooie said...

This was a great painting, and I love the photo of the Masaii women dancing! That is fantastic. I wasn't sure how to get ahold of you, so I'm leaving a message here. I'd love to do a portrait exchange with you.
"Pompatooie" is a fake Indian name given to me by my boyfriend. It means, "She who is kissed by deer." Once, in the Rocky Mountains, I saw a deer and held my hand out to her, she came over and licked my hand several times, and stayed close to me. Then she looked over her shoulder, and I noticed she had two little fawns with her. She nodded her head to the fawns, and they walked away.

Anetka said...

this painting is just amazing!! beautiful colours, beautiful post - delight!

btw. thank you for suggestion regarding posemaniac. Soon I'll have an internet access at home and I'll be able to draw, draw, draw:)))

PamYla said...

Wow you really captured the Massaii expressions and character well. Beautiful work. I like the daintiness of the tea spot you painted also