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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back from Cloudcroft

This is the reason I love Cloudcroft. We sit out on a deck in the middle of the forest and eat breakfast. No flies. No wind. The sun is very warm but the breeze is cool. It was beyond refreshing. Hummingbirds are zig-zagging by you on the way to their feeder and squirrels are peeking around the corner, and running along the rails of the deck. It rains enough to shine rinse everything and then the sun comes out again and the birds start their symphony warm-up.

Wow! What can I say about Mary Ann Beckwith. She was stupendously huge-alicously incrediblawesome! And that doesn't do her justice. She was the most generous teacher giving us hundreds of tips for back-paintings, textures, techniques, and color everywhere. This was just one, of at least a dozen, back-paintings (that's a painting under your next or last design) that I did for her class. She taught us not to give up on ourselves, or our paintings so quickly and then showed us a 100 ways to fix mistakes/move on/and be joyful. It was like receiving a huge, unexpected gift - worth more value than I can grasp - providing a thousand hours of personal pleasure in my next 50 years of painting! There were 6 beautiful, inspiring women, besides the teacher. So it was a great girl time. Plus, 3 of my local girlfriends came up and spent the night and would meet me for lunch break so I enjoyed lots of friendship. I had honeymoon time with my hubby the last 3 days so my heart is full and my soul refreshed. What more could a girl ask for???

Oh yeah, I've missed my blogging friends!


RanchGirl said...

Sounds like a great time! :) Glad to have ya back!

linda said...

I wanted to deeply thank you for your heartfelt comments and also tell you I missed you and each new and creative blog entry of yours! I love your work and can't wait to see more of what you sounds like a wonderful retreat!