Passions of an Odd Chick

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Poppies for fun

Do you recognize the poppies? I sketched them several days ago in my art journal. Little did I know that they would be perfect for some cheap white shoes I bought at Walmart.
Mom has spurred me on and I made her a pair. We have had a fun and restful day.
We have a lot more creative project up our sleeves while she is here.
I hope circumstances allow each of you to add creativity and fun into your life. I have had difficult periods in my life where I was just surviving and had no time, nor inclination for beauty and fun in my life, and yet, it was probably just what I needed. As I get older, I'm learning to not put creative endeavors last or when I have the time or I will never do them. I make them a priority because they are what refreshes my life and helps keep me sane. I have a saying that I borrowed and made my own: "in the time it takes to pout, I made a sketch". ..... or new painted shoes, or ...... you fill in the blank.


Anetka said...

this is just amazing!! I really love the idea!!! they look just beautiful:)
what paint did you use on them??

btw. you are blessed with your parents and they are blessed with a daughter of your calibre. Enjoy your time together as this is what's most important:)

thank you for sharing your ideas:)

linda said...

what wonderful parents you have....made me wistful for I never had such a blessing...AND YOU are one prolific lady and seem to be painting everyday....I wish I was half as busy as you, my dear....I wander over most days anad most days there's a NEW post!!!