Passions of an Odd Chick

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This is what I love about art. If you're not happy with the image you created, you can always change it. My daughter left her Oprah magazine here, and it had this art image with a title "Bird's Eye View" to the article. I sketched it and painted it in my art journal and used both sides of the paper. On the first one, you may be able to see the previous day's art coming through (that's why I never use both sides). Anyway, I took it to Flickr and played with it and I like the abstract image on the bottom. What is your favorite?

A Bird's Eye View - what does that mean to you? Apparently the most generally accepted definition is: the summary of a subject or broad overview of a topic.

Do you see any resemblance to this aerial photograph? I thought it was interesting.

Sometimes we need to step back from our own lives and take a bird's eye view, see the bigger picture and not get so caught up in the details. And like the lovely thing with art I mentioned earlier - change it if we don't like the view we're looking at.


Kathleen said...

I think I like the first version best - I like the ghost image of previous drawing - Your sketches are very nice and show your personal style -

Kimmie said...

Actually I like them all :)
You are a gifted artist!