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Monday, August 2, 2010


con.vic.tion :
1) the act of convicting
2) the state of being convinced: strong belief
One of my favorite authors, Oswald Chambers, said, "It is easy to be determined, and the curious thing is that the more small-minded a man is the more easily he makes up his mind. ..... The difference between an obstinate man and a strong-minded man lies just here: an obstinate man refuses to use his intelligence when a matter is in dispute, while a strong-minded man makes his decision after having deliberately looked at it from all standpoints, and when opposed, he is willing to give reasons for his decision."

I have had many strong convictions and beliefs. I have been a person of strong opinions and never afraid to share them. And I've lived long enough to see many of them shot down and left to die a slow, tortuous death.
I have learned that there are very, very few real convictions that are worth more than relationships.
We should chose our convictions very carefully.
and the hill we chose to die on.
Or in the end we can be become a convict of our convictions.


Anonymous said...

So wise, so true

NatashaMay said...

Love the words and love the art. Beautiful!

Rebecca Anthony said...

Very thoughtful message here and the colors on this piece are just beautiful!

DJ said...

There are white-washed tombs all around us...(Ref. Matthew 23:27)

Jeanne Nelson said...

Very powerful post with great wisdom. Love your girl; the added embellishments of the hat and birdie are wonderful, and I love the colors you have used. Wishing you a beautiful week!

Poetic Artist said...

Words and Art.. You had be at hello.

Rev.Kimber said...

wanted to share that the words in your blogs subtitle, "There's a stirring deep within me..." are part of a song/chorus to be sung at my funeral one day

Linda said...

yes and very well said....and love your painting/drawing/picture...xoxo-your art is improving so quickly, i am amazed and enjoying the watching of your path of artist.

Steve Emery said...

So true! If we're lucky, the longer we live the less we really "know." It's not always comfortable, but it's more honest.

And so much less angry.

Bren said...

I second that 'conviction!' well said. Enjoying your blog and your wonderful, unique girls.