Passions of an Odd Chick

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Girl With Attitude

It feels so good to see some progress.
  • I'm learning how to blend my acrylics! THIS IS HUGE PEOPLE!! I'm so happy about that!
  • I'm learning that I can use good paper to paint on and not just canvas and that they don't take up so much room (under the bed) and it reminds me of my journal which feels very comfortable.
  • I'm learning to let my attitude show- that it is okay that I'm not SWEET, like some people I envy- that I have a EDGE-y-ness and I can let it show in my art.
  • I'm learning that if I can't get a desired affect with one medium, then I can with another. The world is MMMIIINE in art supplies MMMMAAAHHHH.
  • I'm learning that I can make it any darn thing I want it to be and that I don't have to show it to anyone if I don't want to - that I paint until I like it- period.
  • I'm learning to use my hands in the paint and to rub charcoal in for drama, but wipe it off for goodness sake on the end of your fingers before you go back into it!
  • I'm learning that consistently working, leaving a mess in your kitchen, everyday, does produce results and you can still cook with half a counter.

You can't imagine how much your encouragement has spurred me on.

One thing to ask- I haven't actually painted the words in - I only digitally placed them to see if I like them (another lesson). I would really like your honest opinion about the left side of the painting. Any better ideas?

  • OH, and I've learned to ask my friends when I get stumped.


Rebecca Anthony said...

She is stunning, you've done really good with this piece REALLY GOOD!!

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

She is fabulous. I loved reading this post. The attitude is wonderful.

I like they way you have used technology to experiment with the words. That's such a great idea.

I would move the words down a bit and across to the right a small amount as well.

Thanks for the lovely message on my blog.

NatashaMay said...

I like your edge-y-ness. :) I'm happy for you that you're learning all this. It's huge!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post, love the attitude! What a great idea to try the words for size first. Loving the font you used for 'fool'. And charcoal in the paint, now that's a new one for me - must go and try it!

Jeanne Nelson said...

Girlie, you are growing in SO many lovely ways and directions! I'm so happy for ya. Your attitude is terrific!

Now for your painting ~~ absolutely lovely! I love that she is off centered, I love the space at the left, the words are awesome, and the feather sprouting off her headpiece is a perfect touch! Great art, lady...not that you needed me, or anyone else, to tell ya that, ;). Wishing you a blissful weekend with family and friends, and wishing I could play with you on your messy counter!

Buffy said...

And I just learned what I have to start doing by reading your post!I loved reading it! Also your girl is beautiful and I love the words. I do art in my kitchen too and I still cook good too LOL.

Louise Gale said...

FANTASTIC! I enjoyed catching up on your post and its so wonderful to hear your progress here, so exciting. Cant wait to see what comes next. xx

Anonymous said...

That is such a great peace!! I love it!!

Kelly Berkey said...

Love her attitude, keep painting what's inside you, sassy is good"-)

DJ said...

Attitude? You?
I guess I can see that.'s a good thing I'm all "sweetness and light"...ROFL!
Better go now, I'm gonna get struck by lightning.

Poetic Artist said...

I have been a blogger with you for awhile..You have grown and your art is becoming you..It is good to get to know you my sister friend.
I love the words..but I am a word person..Wonderful post.
Take care.

Steve Emery said...

I really like this piece. I like the way she's off center. I like the hair curling around her throat from the right (it makes her neck seem longer and more feminine somehow - almost a vulnerability). I like her steady green gaze. I particularly like the curl over her eye, and the way it's echoed in the font you chose for "Nobody's" on the left. And I like the way the "F" in fool is missing some of the lower cross bar (but the serif is visible on the far right end of that bar).