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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Reclaim Yourself

I have a secret wish -but I'm going to share it with you even though it scares me just to type it out to the universe.
My plan:
To make about 20 of these girl portraits to encourage women to be strong in their lives and to value themselves.
Then, I want to have a little show at a darling little gift shop here that does that sometimes for new artist.
If I sell them, I will add it to a long-time dream to TRAVEL to Italy in October of 2011 and take my mom and daughter or at least help them go.
If I don't, I will pay for a booth at our art gallery in hopes of selling them.
If they don't sell there, I will give them away for a silent auction for our food pantry in our little community, of which I'm on the Board.
I will make prints and maybe calenders for friends and family.
I cannot fail with this plan. I cannot fail with this plan....
I keep telling myself I must value my art enough to promote it and sell it.
Now that you share my secret wish maybe somehow it will make it grow.
What is your secret wish?
(This is a mixed-media piece with acrylic and watercolor pencils and charcoal. What you're looking at is actually a 8 X 10 print, rather than the original.)


DJ said...

That is the TRUTH,
my sweet friend.
You cannot fail with this plan.

This beauty is inside you.
You are simply sharing it.

There is no fail.
Just sharing beauty.

And that is why we were created.
To share beauty.
So, you are simply following Someone's will for your life.

You will succeed.

And we'll cheer you on...
Hugs & Prayers,

Jeanne Nelson said...

Oh, Peggy, I'm here to cheer you on!!! This print is absolutely BEAUTIFUL..and I LOVE her message! YES, my dear, move forward, with wild abandon, with this great mission ~~ most certainly, you cannot fail! Your art is wonderful, and will produce much glory and happiness . . . somehow, somewhere . . . besides that already created by your posting it here in blogland! I am at piece tonite because of this posting, and inspired to grow and do wonderful things, like you. You are a wonderful spirit in this huge universe, lady! Wishing you much success and happiness now and forever. Big Hugs ~~ Jeanne

Nancy said...

I have enjoyed visiting your blog so much...It is beautiful and so encouraging for all women....

Thanks for sharing your dream and you are right you cannot fail...

I will definitely be back....

NatashaMay said...

That is a good plan! :) Stick with it. The painting is gorgeous and I think you won't have any troble selling them.

Rebecca Anthony said...

I am so glad you put this out in the universe! You are SO going to do this my friend!! These faces are turning out so beautifully there is no doubt in my mind you will sell them.

Buffy said...

I really do think "You cannot fail with this plan" of yours! It sounds like a great plan. Your girls are gorgeous,I don't think you will have a problem selling them,they are uplifting.

Louise Gale said...

Oh this is such a gorgeous wonderful piece, so beautiful. Yes your wish is out there which means the universe knows you know and are ready.....cannot wait to see all the other paintings and your exhibit, which will of course be a huge success and then your Italian adventure in words and pictures. You are very talented honey... excited for you. xxx

robynthepaperboy said...


Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

You cannot fail Peggy, because the only failure is not to try.

You will be surprised by your own success I think.

Can't wait to ride along as you take these awesome steps.

simplyred said...

You've already succeeded so there is no chance of failure here. You've opened yourself up to more and more success. And I think it's a GREAT plan. Go for it.

Gypsy Gold Studio

danielle said...

Just by sharing your plan "aloud', you are giving it SO MUCH power.

Believe in this plan. Believe in the success. I am CHEERING you on!


Love Danielle xox

Poetic Artist said...

You have a plan..YAA..You have made a step in the right direction.
Your talent so much you do not even realize it my sister friend.
For some reason this brought tears to my eyes because I am one of those women struggling now..You give me hope and You will make your plan happen..I have faith in you. Strange did you know that is also my dream to go to Italy in the next couple of years..I have been planning along time.

Lori said...

Okay, I just came back to read the plan. I LOVE IT! You go girl. I'm behind you.