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Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's getting harder and harder to come up with fresh ideas that really excite me enough to want to paint. She's #7. Did I really say that I was going to do about 20????
No. 6 took some hits. You all are so kind here on my blog. But Facebook has brought out some negative comments, some honest, some really makes you question yourself. And at the same time, the negative comments are just as helpful as the nice ones.
I know this is not serious art- fine art- and I don't expect it to be taken too seriously or everyone to get IT.
For me, these are like (not anywhere close in talent of course) Rosie the Riveter - that great portrait that inspired women during WWII.

Women have always needed these.
I need this one today.
For one thing, I have to accept that if I stick my stuff out there for the "real" public- that it's going to take some punches. It's ridiculous to think everyone will like it.
Some will even hate it, make fun of it, disrespect it.
It will be hard not to take it personally.
But I know who I am.
My value does not come from my art.
It comes from the One who gave me my creative spirit.
If I don't try, I will have to answer to Him.
In the end, it's just between me and Him anyway.


WrightStuff said...

I'm so sorry that people have nothing better to do than make mean comments. If it's any consolation, I've just found your art and love it. It's a similar style to my own - we're on the same wavelenght I think, but you have really mastered the 'interesting background', that seems to be your signature I think and I find it really inspiring. The important thing to remember I think is that does it give you pleasure? I'm sure the answer is yes. I like a bit of constructive criticism - something from which you can improve. Sometimes I ask for it too, for help. Like "why does she look like she's got a mouth full of gobstoppers". Negative comments just for the sake of it are cruel and pointless and hurt far more than probably intended. I guess that we just accept that not everyone will love what we do. It's probably too easy to criticise online and that's why people do it. I think your work is great. Keep it up!!

Diane said...

I agree with Lisa (Wright Stuff)--once you start creating art for yourself is when you'll be truly happy with it. I quite honestly can't understand why you would get negative comments.
When it comes to art--there are no "mistakes"--how can there be? It's art--it's your creation, so it's beautiful!

Rebecca Anthony said...

That upsets me to even put a glimmer of negative energy into your work because I honestly find your paintings to be outstanding. I have to admit Facebook has been more problem than good if you ask me. I do like it for networking but I find the blog world to be so much more satisfying and people can relate more to what we artists are up to. You DO have talent and you ARE good. Please don't ever stop painting these are so beautiful and I cannot wait to see more!!
You can do this, you're on a mission and it's totally going to work for you I just know it!!

Buffy said...

I'm sorry you got some negative comments. Sometimes if negative comments are said with love then we can accept them and change some things but if their just plain mean stupid comments,then its best just to keep going and ignore them. And you're right not everybody is going to like it but thats ok as long as it makes you happy.Personally I like your art and enjoy seeing it. And I'm sure I'm not your only fan!! Keep going. I really like this girl too,especially the birds at the bottom and the color.

simplyred said...

Mean people are out there. Just check out any website that allows comments and by about the 4th comment down the nasties start coming out.

Your art is beautiful. I like it, your followers like it and you like it. That's enough. If everyone liked the same thing we would all be married to same guy (of course, if that guy were Saint Gene or Sweet Farmer I could understand it - not agree with it, but understand it! {grin})

You got my email, right?

Gypsy Gold Studio

Louise Gale said...

I think what you are doing is amazing and the fact that you are putting it out there is a lot more than many do, which could be one of the main reasons some think sending you negativity will take you down or make you doubt yourself. Take it with a pinch of salt, learn from any constructive comments (cos those are good!) and keep going. Ideas will flow and yes you will get to #20 and when you do, we will all celebrate in this lovely virtual artful sisterhood world of ours. Its very exciting to see your work and you getting closer to what you said you would do. That makes us stronger.

Keep going, its

Nancy said...

Take the good, leave the bad and forget the rest.....As you said, your creative spirit is between you and the creator...everybody else just gets to peak not judge....

I love your girls and admire your courage in putting yourself out there....

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why someone would say mean things about your beautiful art! I LOVE it!♥

Linda said...

ah facebook, can i say i don't much like it? and whenever you put your art out there into the netherworld of the internet, fb and otherwise, you are going to get the good, bad and sometimes, very ugly...i have and it has almost stopped me before from ever putting anything up again but in the end, i realize they are the small minds, the small hearts, that leave these trails of karma behind them and believe me when i say, it does come back to bite one's rear...

so carry on with your work, you are showing such improvement in your ladies, i love your mix of elements and textures and stuff you throw at each of's very interesting ... i wish i could see one in real life....even better i suspect...and a wonderful mission you have set upon... friend me on fb and i will leave you kind words, my fb badge is on my blogxoxoxox

Mustang Goddess said...

I can see your beautiful soul in your paintings.

Jennifer Richardson said...

Some people are so disconnected
from their own hearts
they can't even "see" what flows
from a heart open wide.
It's as if they don't speak the language.
I love your art the aliveness
and the journey.
And, yes, the One who breathes
that creativity into you is
grinning wildly with approval.
So be free:)

ooglebloops said...

Everyone has their own style and I think yours is great!! I love what you paint!! I think constructive criticism has it's place- but how many of us are in a position to criticize what others have created??
Thanks for dropping by my blog - and if my horses inspire you to draw - please feel free to use them!!! They make me want to draw too!!!:>) Drop by for Tea on Tues, if you get a chance!

Carolyn said...

Listening to negativity is a waste of time. I know, I did it for far too long!
One of my favorite quotes: Henri Matisse - Creativity takes courage. You have both. Go for it! After all, this is for you, right?

Bren said...

I work in abstract and have to chuckle when i see people struggling to find some 'picture' tucked away inside it :-) I put them out of their misery and let them know they don't have to like it, it's just my way of expressing my own creativity. There will always be an audience for your art, just as there will always be those who just don't get what your doing. Hang tuff you're doing great!

DJ said...

"But I know who I am.
My value does not come from my art.
It comes from the One who gave me my creative spirit.
If I don't try, I will have to answer to Him.
In the end, it's just between me and Him anyway."

What beautiful words, my friend...Something for all of us to remember as we create.