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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Can you stand a little cheesy romance?

Sometimes you get magical paintings and sometimes you get a magical day.

You know, one of those days when you are so freakin happy in the moment that you think you could cry.

But I didn't.

Because Sweet Farmer is still clueless and gets confused about a woman's tears other than when someone dies.

It started out with a hearty breakfast and a good movie in bed! YEh, no hay to cut, rake or bale.

Then we rode on the Harley through the Hondo Valley to the little historic town of Lincoln, New Mexico. Now the Hondo Valley is the place that inspired the likes of artists Peter Hurd and Henrietta Wyeth. We ate at the Laughing Sheep Farm which is tucked right outside the quaint little town. This eccentric little place grows most of their own organic food and I could see the tomato plants and most of my other salad veggies growing right outside the open screen window by our table. That hot pink thing you see on my plate was a quail egg marinated in sweet beet juice. I had fresh vegetable soup with quail meat and rice and a generous glass of pignot grigio. And I just basked in the sunlit room, with a guitar player singing old songs, and a big white Pyrenees dog named "Bear" sleeping in the foyer. Sweet Farmer asked me several times if I was having fun because he knew that it was sooo my kind of place - simple and romantic with natural foods and natural surroundings. I just smiled and ordered a sweet apple crisp with caramel coffee and SF practically had to pry me from my chair when it was time to go.

This little pond was right outside.

I lay down in the grass and rolled around like a fat cat on cream and looked over at my Sweet Farmer, and thanked the whole universe for giving me this million-dollar-day.

And then he took me to my favorite art gallery in Lincoln.

And on the way home on the back of the motorcycle, I did cry a little when I thought about how happy I am, but the wind blew the tears away - swift and efficiently, and all Sweet Farmer knew was that I squeezed him a little tighter around his middle as we rode back down the valley and I could see him smile in the wing mirror.
It's one thing to create a great painting in a life-time, it's another thing to live within it.
It's cheesy- but that's how I feel today- thank you.


Jeanne Nelson said...

What a sweetly romantic, happy day! I could feel your tears being blown away while on back of the Harley. I believe you have a "keeper" in your Sweet Farmer, ;). Wishing you a great week ahead!

DJ said...

No cheese here! Just tears of joy shared; I'll wipe mine away with kleenex...

Rebecca Anthony said...

It's always invigorating to hear posts like this! I'm truly happy for your happiness, I can literally feel you floating on cloud 9(((((O:

simplyred said...

I just loved reading this!! These kinds of days are truly a blessing and I'm so glad you had one!! They are so special and you and Sweet Farmer deserved this.

Gypsy Gold Studio

chrissy said...

i LOVE this
i LOVE you for sharing it.
i love how you said...
"it.s one thing to create a great painting in a lifetime,
it.s another thing to live within it."
i am writing that down my dear friend.
you made a comment on my post about "good" that really made an effect on my heart.
thank you!
huge hugs

shazartist said...

What a lovely moment to start my day, thank you for sharing it, and I love harley's and would like to spend some more time in new mexico...

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous. Can picture every bit of it!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Poetic Artist said...

How did I miss this post..Romance.
Perfect day. You are blessed my friend..So truly blessed.

Poetic Artist said...

How did I miss this post..Romance.
Perfect day. You are blessed my friend..So truly blessed.

Steve Emery said...

This was beautifully written! We don't do enough celebrating of this kind of simple joy, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing it and the photos.

And days and days of really hard work are the best sauce for this kind of break, aren't they? God knew what He was doing with that "Curse of Adam," even if we don't always get it. No bread (or pleasure) is ever sweeter.

Mustang Goddess said...

I'm so happy that you had that day...and now you can go back and read about it anytime you want. And don't stop painting your collection no matter what anyone says! If you can influence or inspire one young lady with your paintings, wouldn't it all be worth it?