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Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Art Book

ALERT- to those who have a weakness for new art books.
If you need a little fun in your life and need to loosen up - well, I've the got the book for you.

I just got my signed copy in from Carla Sonheim - hot off the press.

I went crazy devouring it and experimenting with the new ideas.

It gives you 52 little creative exercises to improve your drawings and make drawing fun and stress free.

I had a lot of fun with the 8th chapter where you just paint red, yellow and blue on a page and then "find" the creature(s) in the random paint marks. I found that it really helped train my eye to work with the paint and encouraged my imagination and also helped me to trust my instincts.

Aren't these funny?? Like my little grandson says: "Sometimes I just crack myself up".
(This one of the cat came about by looking at a cracked wall and finding an image .)Exercise 38
Is this serious art? Maybe not. I think these will make great collages for cards and make my friends smile. They will be fun exercises to share with my grandsons. I think I will go back to this every time I begin to take myself too seriously. Thanks CARLA Freakin Awesome SONHEIM!
Go ahead - crack yourself up today and we'll share the grins.


Diane said...

I have the same book, and I love it too, and yes I need to loosen up more--it's a good aid.

Buffy said...

You're the second person to say they love this book,I think I need to go get it. Just for that reason to loosen up. I love all your drawings.

Jeanne Nelson said...

Oh, what fun! I love your creations! Gotta have this book now, ;). Wishing you and your family a Happy 4th!!!

danielle said...

OHHH!!! Thanks for giving us a sneak peak into that book. I have been counting down until the release date too.

Your grandsons must just be A-doring their Grandma right now... You are SO talented!!!

Thank-you also for the lovely comment you left on my BLOG. xo

NatashaMay said...

Oh my! you did all this? Love it! I have this book as well. :)

DJ said...

These are GREAT, OC !
Your work here is actually quite use-able, I think. Keep them for submitting to a postcard company, or start your own children's book with one of the characters.
You got options, girlfriend.
Please keep going.

SKIZO said...



Jeanne Nelson said...

Hi, Odd Chick! Hope all is well with you and your family. When time allows, check out my blog; there is a surprise there waiting for ya! Happy Day!

Anonymous said...

Love coming by here - feels like I haven't dropped in for quite a while - either that or you have been busy! Your drawings are always so thoughtful and full of emotion, love them. Going to check out that book - thanks for sharing

Kim Henkel said...

I have just received my copy of her book - I can't wait to give it a try - I love your creatures, and your drawings look great. Drawing matters to me as well, and I decided to learn how to draw a couple of years ago. I don't draw as often as I would like, but it is coming along. Creating whether it is drawing or book making or jewellery making or just making is relaxing, and puts me at peace. Keep up the great work!

Mary said...

What a fun week! The heads are great, I so love the cowboy one!!

I have been seeing that book too, looks like a good one.

Karin Bartimole said...

I just saw this book earlier today on Amazon - great to see your review of it!! I think there's another in the series, but I can't remember what it is for Painting Lab? I'll have to check them out again :)