Passions of an Odd Chick

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On Friendship

To see the need nor pause to seek
As one all-wise in right and wrong,
Why he has proved himself so weak
Who had his moment to be strong;
To give, nor ever think to learn
What shall be given in return.

To hear a cry for aid and run
All haste from whence that summons came
To do what plainly must be done
And bother not to fix the blame;
To serve the need and never pause
To know whose fault and what the cause.

To play the friend whene'er I can
With all the power that I command,
Knowing the blow that fells a man
Is quite enough to understand;
To see him down and lift him up,
Hungry and fill his plate and cup.
-Edgar Allen Guest


Kimmie said...

Those are qualities we would see in the other person, aren't they? That's why we need friends - so they can say back to us, "I see that in you too!"

A lovely post ....

linda said...

this is lovely~thank you for sharing it!