Passions of an Odd Chick

Monday, February 9, 2009

Keep Going

I'm enjoying the practice of these little illustrations or what would you call them?? I'm not that crazy about my little people (see yesterday's post also ) but I can evolve. I think everyone has their own unique little people. Like I can draw other people's people, and I like them better, but they are not my people. If you watch little kids draw who aren't copying somebody else, they'll have a very unique people. At some point we start trying to make our people look like other people's people and we can't- so we give up. It's just a theory of mine. I see it as a fingerprint, a signature - our own little people - sounds funny, I know but it's fun to play with. Some of us just can't give up.

I'm making chap-stiks, candles, air-fresheners, and filling tea orders today, along with all my other to-dos. I wanted to paint so that's why you're getting my little people -especially this one.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I like this painting. I'll have to think on your theory about everyone having their signature people.

Shelley said...

OH MY! Was that a picture of ME?? Love it... Keep up the great work!

Steve Emery said...

I like your little people - and I think your theory about how we grow up and try to make ours look like other people's and then we give up... very astute. I think that IS what happens to most of us. I'm glad you're still making yours - I'm trying to make mine.

linda said...

i think we all need to learn to make our own....we can't really make anyone else' only an illusion if we think we can, don't you think?

interesting thoughts tonight...thanks!

Kimmie said...

I really like your little people - I like the simplicity of a line drawn pen and ink face. I have doodle people I've made since I was about 15. I call them Kimquats. I can NEVER draw other peoples people - it's wayyy too hard. I guess there's too many Kimquats waiting to get out.

I love the idea of dragging that old booty like this .... :)

Anetka said...

I agree with your theory - growing up...and giving up our very own visions.
Glad you keep on going with your little people.

I love the messages they carry.