Passions of an Odd Chick

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Still-life and Real Life

This was a quick little still-life for my art journal. I'm trying to draw something everyday. Drawing in my sketchbook is like drinking a cup of tea- very calming.
Sweet Farmer and I have both been a little antsy, the feeling of unnerving calm before the storm- gearing up for spring farming and some other new projects on the horizon. Also, it seems there are so many people we know who are sick or who are breaking up or who have various financial problems......I've felt a sense of uneasiness and anxiety in others, as well. I read this quote today:
"Faith and courage have to be practiced. They have to be experienced to be strengthened. Do one uncertain thing each day. Depart from your safe routines regularly. Take some risks. Chase off your monsters. Recapture your own mental backyard." Dale Andrews
When these feelings come over me - I know what to do. My parents gave us kids the greatest gifts when they taught us how to comfort ourselves and to look to our faith during uncertain times. My mental backyard has a big GOD to watch over it and I rely on Him to guard my heart and my mind. It's not a mindless giving up of control - it's more like an intentional choice to work with Him and experience the day through His eyes -to look at the world from a spiritual unveiling instead of just accepting the world's physical point of view. It changes the landscape for me and I have a more hopeful outlook.


Kimmie said...

These flowers must come from that wonderful mental backyard of yours and the Resident Watcher Over You (and me) ..... lovely and peaceful - I can feel it :)

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

i have the same backyard :)

gianlucio said...

Beautiful painting, I like much the colors and cromatismo.Mi subscribe to your blog so much every step to you, you can subscribe to my art painting.
Ciao for Italy.

linda said...

how beautiful...very visual, your description, thank you!