Passions of an Odd Chick

Friday, January 9, 2009

Varano, The Monitor

Now this is some weird-wild stuff! (does anybody remember Johnny Carson saying that?).

Well, he kind of cracks me up, really, because he's so odd. But as I tell my son, "We make weird work for us".

His name is Varano, which is Italian for lizard or monitor. He's chameleon-ish and he slips in and out protecting those in his care, with calmness, wisdom and shrewdness. He's another in my series of Guardian Angels for the Hard to Guard. (you can view more of them in previous posts)

He was this strange image in my head after thinking about Steve's comment that "when he sees his guardian he's much more aloof". Also, I've been enjoying my book of art by Gustav Klimt and his fantastic, magical, symbolic images. It's teaching me to trust my instincts and enjoy my imagination and quirkiness. Some will like my art, some won't- but nobody else can draw or paint what's in my head. Anyway, I got up early, early this morning while the house was still dark and cool and lit a jillion candles for warmth and inspiration, and just sketched from the wild, playful place in my head, and just cracked myself up all morning after I finished him.

Your comments are really inspiring me - keep them coming - no telling what strange apparition will show himself (herself) next.


Living life on the edge said...

you really are one odd chick! :-)
But we love you anyway

Genie Sea said...

It's great what can be evoked in the stillness of the night. Varano is absolutely delightful. I see the twinkle in his eye. It's great to have a guide with a sense of humor :)

redchair said...

He's very cool and fun. You really put a lot of detail into him.

It is nice to get up early and paint. I love that also. All your candles are really pretty also.

linda said...

firstly, your candles are all so lovely....

this one is quirky and fun...kind of like a weird old priest or a good way :)