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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sumo to the rescue

I'm drawing guardian angels again. Like I've said before, others have drawn sweet, white guardian angels and that is not my view of how these awesome body guards work. I believe that they are powerful, intimidating, ferociously protective creatures. Maybe your guardian angel looks more like a sumo wrestler than a fairy. I call them angels for the hard-to-guard.
We have had 3 friends die outside the circle of our immediate family. So I'm feeling the need to conjure up protection and this guy has been in my head for awhile. It was time he made it to my journal. I feel safer already.
If your feeling the need for ground troops and you are the hard-to-guard type - tell the good Lord to send you one of his tough guys - not those wimpy, white, floaty things for sweet people.


Sorrow said...

I always thought my guardian angel kinda looked like a biker, not hells angels, more like heavens angels, with silver knuckles and white leather, eyes like flame, and an embrace that held me with invictus love.

redchair said...

He's so cute. I love the way you draw over into the next page in your sketch book. It's really delighful.

I always think of guardian angels as arc angels and we know those guys are God's rough tough warriors. Like the angel Michael- He's the guardian of all mankind.

Last year, I did a painting of Ezekiel's Vision (it's in my gallery) that's not the standard 'angelic image.' It's under fantasy art link.

I also did a sketch for todays blog. Come check me out.

Steve Emery said...

Odd Chick - I apologize for not coming by in a while. I love this Sumo Angel! I like his pose - you did a great job imagining him both Sumo and Angel! The unusual combination is what makes this startling and interesting. He put a big grin on my face - and I'd be happy to have such as a guardian.

I wonder what I'd imagine if I let myself picture guardian angels... So far my angels have been much more aloof - frightening, even. Yours are more like the angel Raphael, in the book of Tobit (in the Catholic bible - Martin Luther had that book removed). He looked like someone you could trust your only son to on a long journey... it's a great story.

linda said...

I love this warrior angel and if I am to picture angels, I definitely gravitate to a masculine warrior, defend me to the end against all things, kind of angel...something with power but, because I am so small minded, they must LOOK big too! thank you for sharing him tonight with me...

I hope you don't mind my asking but I have noticed you have not made many comments on my blog nor visit much anymore...I wanted to know something amiss I am not aware of? I hope not ~ I miss your quirkiness and comments and although I know you have been away lots lately, lucky you, I am just checking in to see if all is well with you and me... I am missing you, odd chick! I need another one like me around! ;)

Kimmie said...

I always think of my guardian angel as a really big Bull Mastiff - seriously! I'm sure that's exactly what (he/she/it) is like!

I LOVE your sumo angel - his wings really mean some business!