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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Something real I can hold in my hand

We got in from our trip and had company several hours after we got home. It's all been very busy around here. But my Sweet Farmer went to the mailbox and brought these home to me. You can't imagine my delight!!! Kimmie from Art in Red Wagons had beautifully wrapped and mailed me these little bites of her creative endeavors. My poor photography doesn't allow for you to see the exquisite detail she puts in to each of her creations. (see her posts - she did these for therapy she says) We passed them around among ourselves (my brother, sister-in-law, son, husband) as we had never seen an inchie (i've only seen them on blogs). They were flabbergasted and intrigued as I was as we examined the miniature art pieces as they tumbled out of the decorative tin box. Of course, "what do you do with them?" was the first question as Kimmie has often mentioned that she has been a recipient of this question many times. But I knew in my heart why she makes them - they are pieces of her life, her day, her imagination, her therapy that she offers like small tokens to the artist's altar -like offerings . They made perfect and beautiful sense to me. She has stated that she tries to turn trash into treasure, one inch at at time. Thank you Kimmie for your generosity. I feel really special that you would think to share these offerings with me.

See also the zentangle she sent me and the artist's trading card (ATC), my first trade. Amazing and fun stuff!!


Karin said...

how wonderful! these treasures from the heart, shared with another. I'm warmed with joy just reading about it! "What do you do with them"... they are doing it for you as they be :)

Kimmie said...

I am so honored :) .... the joy truly is in the giving of the gift :) ... I'll send you an inchie from time to time because as I make them I always think of people I know and love ... sometimes they just "have your name written all over it"

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Art does not need to be utilitarian. How lovely of her to send you these.

Anonymous said...

Kimmie is VERY talented!! What a great surprise in your mailbox!!!!Zentangle-ing (along with gardening and volunteering :>) ) is very good for the soul!!!!!!