Passions of an Odd Chick

Thursday, January 22, 2009

This is a little watercolor and ink of a yucca we saw at Alamorgordo, New Mexico. I'm drawing cacti because it's so dry around here - absolutely no moisture in our region of this New Mexico desert right now. But my soul is fertile green as we've had visits from/to family and friends since Christmas and recently I have finished some big task like the W2's, W3, and the tax preparation and rid the office of most of 2008's paperwork. Yesterday was Sweet Farmer's birthday and today is my son's birthday (he's here from Colorado) and tomorrow my daughter and grandsons will visit for several days. The election is over and the whole world feels the euphoria of a new beginning and I feel a certain growth spurt coming on myself that I can't wait to give time and attention to. February is always a nice month for me - before spring farming begins but after the busy-work of January. I hope to do some serious life organizing , my pledge to some community service and, of course, some painting. Yep, these dry bones have been showered with blessings and it's only just begun to rain.


Teri C said...

This is a wonderful sketch of yucca! I didn't realize you were in NM. And today in AZ, it is raining. I hope it heads your way.

redchair said...

We have the Yucca's here also. Great capture of their feel.
Wanted to send you and invite and relized I didn't have your email.
Anyway check out:

Artist Challenge-

and Dante's Pub-

We just stared and having a lot of fun.

linda said...

I love those cacti and thought of planting one in a far off corner as an accent...we have some interesting varieties here in cal. and I like your painting , btw ;)

hoping you have lots more time to make paintings! and of course, are lucky to be so close you can visit often! Enjoy!

Kimmie said...

This is beautiful! You must have used every single shade and hue of green in your palette - just like nature does it! Blessings on your upcoming "growth spurt!"

redchair said...

Hi Odd Chick,
Your comments page wouldn't take a hyperlink-nor does mine. If you go to my profile on my blog, you'll find my email. Send me a note and I can send you the url. **Or copy and paste the following into your browser:

We'd really love to have you join us. The Art Challenge is 'Unrequited Love' for Valentines. It should be fun.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Lovely sketch. I came by to visit from Linda's site - Vulture Peak Muse.

Have a great weekend.

Anetka said...

Hi Peggy:)
Hope you are doing fie:) I liked the link to life organiser site:)

I left you an award on my blog:) please pick it up and pass on:))

best wishes