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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm dreaming of my Flight to Florence

"Take Flight to Florence" mixed media on watercolor paper

I am dreaming of my flight to Italy. It's less than 3 weeks away!! Did I raise all the money with my paintings???? (for those of you who are new here that was my goal)

No. But a little more than half. About $2600.  Which is more than I would have raised had I not tried at all.
But if you count the clothes, and the spending money I'm taking with me, I think my farming actually paid for my trip. But YAH! anyway.  Every year I want to raise a little more money with my art. And I did that this year ...again.
Of course, I started out the first year with like- hmmm...$85.00.

I've never told this story but one of the first paintings I sold was actually a painting I did after reading an article on Kelly Rae Robert's art  in Cloth, Paper Scissors magazine. Once someone said they wanted to purchase it (exciting day)... I wrote Kelly and asked permission to sell it as it was practically a copy of her original (a bad copy) and she graciously said "yes". Since then, I've learned that a lot of artist start out that way , I mean, copying other people's stuff. I've always been glad that I asked permission and I also gave her credit on the back of the painting and told the girl that purchased it about Kelly and her art in case she wanted other things.

I am really enjoying my Layered Impressions class with Katie Kendrick . She is the QUEEN of creative texture and artistic play. If you want more of that in your art take her on-line class, or order her DVD or buy her book. It has been very freeing for me and I am exploring new paths and loving my paints again.

Big woop that Nourish Your Mind was entered in the Eastern New Mexico State fair by a friend who purchased the original and it won a section (mixed-media) prize ($25.00) and so has a chance at Best of Show. 

I hope you're finding ways to enjoy your art and enhance your life.


Steve Emery said...

Wow - with all the really cool things coming out in your art just anticipating Italy, I am dying to see what happens after you go and soak up the reality. The textures and forms created with this technique are fascinating. And I love where you took this. It reminds me of the mystery in the Arabian Nights illustrations I loved as a boy (Maxfield Parrish). And it reminds me of Odilon Redon - in tone and textures. He used flowers in ways that remind me of your work, as well.

Like this one:

or this one:

or this one:

Diane said...

How exciting for you!! And how wonderful that your passion helped you accomplise another passion--a dream vacation!

linda said...

this is beautiful....there is such magic appearing in your work!!! xxx

Bren said...

I think congrats are in order, you raised a lot of money and challenged yourself to push forward. That's worth a lot! And I love, did I say love your new piece. It has so much texture and nuances to keep you looking at it a long time.

Buffy said...

Wow you raised alot for your trip! You should be proud. I love this one,another gorgeous one.

ooglebloops said...

Take Flight to Florence- she is almost Madonna-like.
The trip sounds exciting and what inspiration you will find there in Italy!! Exciting!!!

Sarah said...

1. I will be sending a check for my print. fo sho! and

2. Ahh, Florence. Have you been? Because it's kick butt awesome. You have inspired me to blog about it soon. My now-ex and I stayed in the apartment of a little old Italian couple who rents out their living room to shoe-stringers like us and it actually had a view of the entire city. Including the Duomo. Unless, of course, I'm thinkging of Rome. JK. I digress:

3. Have a blessed trip!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Bravo to you, brave woman!
You've done so much more
than just dream about it
...I'm wildly inspired by that.
And your art is richer
than I can find words for.
It's been an incredible journey
and you've only just begun!
Wow.....well done, you.
love and grace,

Kay said...

I love your Florence painting..and I love your wonderful goal. I so want to travel again..maybe I need to set such a goal. I hope you have a great time!!!