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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Feeling Blessed.

It's no surprise if you visit here often that I like to paint faces and Jesus is one of my favorite faces to paint. This is actually a take on an old painting of mine but I added a collage background.
Now the photograph bothers me just a little with the two different eyes- in the actual painting, it is not that noticeable.

I'm feeling very blessed as you can imagine as I leave for Italy in 2 days. (Big thanks to Artfully Oogleboops for the article about Florence) I wish my Sweet Farmer would quit being so sweet and sad about our two weeks apart as it is bittersweet to leave him and our lovely little farm, my family, kitty-cat, Sam, the dog....etc.

"Ships are safe in harbor but that is not why ships were built"

Sweet Farmer says I was speaking Italian in my sleep the other night. I laughed and said, "how would you know?... it was Italian I mean?"

I wouldn't be surprised as I have marinated in Italian everything with my IPOD and Modern Scholar lectures.

I've learned that prior study really enhances my travel experience.

Wish me safe travel and blessings if you think of me, a little prayer. I hope to come back with lots of inspiration to share.
a copy of the painting collaged into another graffiti painting


Karin said...

Prayers for safe travel and that you may soak up the pure essence that is Italy! I've not been there, but I spent lots of time in Vienna and I would imagine Italy has a similar, albeit one of a kind,quality. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure!

Bren said...

I had wondered if you were off to Italy yet! Safe and wonderful travels, sounds like you are geared up and more than ready for this adventure. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Jeannelle said...

Eye-catching collage! Prayers and best wishes for a wonderful trip. Take photos to show on your blog!

Buffy said...

Beautiful painting! How exciting,going to italy! I hope you have an amazing time. Can't wait to here about it.