Passions of an Odd Chick

Monday, September 26, 2011

Come to Autumn

mixed media

I want to come to autumn with the silver in my hair,
And maybe have the children stop to look and me and stare;
I'd like to reach October free from blemish or from taint,
As splendid as a maple tree which artist love to paint.
I'd like to come to autumn, with my life work fully done
And look a little like a tree that's gleaming in the sun;
I'd like to think that I at last could come through care and tears
And be as fair to look upon as every elm appears.
But when I reach October, full contented I shall be
If those with whom I've walked through life shall still have faith in me;
Nor shall I dread the winter's frost, when brain and body tire,
If I have made my life a thing which others can admire.
        Edgar Allen Guest


Jeannelle said...

Thoughtful picture and poem. Thank you for commenting on my blog today...that way I could find your blog again! Glad to see you are still painting!

Anonymous said...

I love the texture in the hair...
it feels very wind blown...

Steve Emery said...

I love how loose and painterly this is - her hair, in particular. And the way her shoulder is what remains after painting the forms around it, and not fussed over, really works for me. I think I like best these portraits which have the face at a more unusual angle or relation to the shoulders and neck. They seem more alive, more in motion.

And I just realized how limited the pallette is on this one - that also really works for this one. So many good choices.

Buffy said...

She's just Gorgeous! I love the painterly style. My new favorite.

Jennifer Richardson said...

hard to tear my eyes
away from hers
hauntingly beautiful.
those eyes!
You have something amazing
blooming in your painting garden!!!

danielle said...

WOW! This girl painting has so much soul. Your ART is emerging from the inside out and it shows! She is beautiful! I LOVE the texture and softness in her all at once. It's so nice to visit. Happy Fall dear one. xo

Sarah said...

I love this. I really, really love this one.

Are you selling through anywhere? Is it possible to get a print?

Thanks, Sarah